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11/12/2018 3:55pm

The story so far

Earlier this year we went on a road trip and asked for your feedback on the route we will navigate for the next ten years. Among other things, we presented some options to you for the future of Ngatea library.

The Ngatea library space is currently operated within our customer service centre and doesn’t meet modern standards.

At that time, our preferred option was to partner with the Haurakian Trust or a newly formed Trust to deliver a joint community space.

We’ve since heard you have some concerns about this option, including issues around access and parking, the protection of Council’s investment, and the proposed governance structure.

So...we’ve put the brakes on the project while we look further into the issues you’ve raised. A working party has been formed to investigate options for the governance model, ownership of the facility and how it will be managed. A specialist traffic assessment study is also underway to check out safe access to the proposed site (if option 5 was to go ahead) and also to assess traffic flows around the main street upgrade.

The next chapter

A few months have now gone by and the question on everyone’s lips is, what now?

The working party has been working hard on providing some answers to the questions you asked about our proposed option 5. By the end of December, their work will be done, and their findings will be presented to the Council in January.

We’ll be in a position to tell you more about that option soon.

In the meantime it’s important to point out that this is still just one option and we are completely open to continuing to listen and work with you on how the future Ngatea library might look.

The thing is...we want you to write the end of the story.

After the holiday break, when we’re all feeling refreshed and full of the very best New Year intentions, we want you to help us design a great space that best serves the needs of everyone in the community both in the short and long term.

We want to hear what job this facility needs to do for all sectors of the community, including the young, old, short, tall, freckled, and not so freckled people among us, and where the best location for all of these services might be.

There will be lots of different ways for you to help us finish this story, and the finished product may include some new twists and turns, the use of existing facilities, and/or the
construction of new ones. This is your community and you know your community best, so let’s explore some more and find out what’s truly possible!

What are the next steps?

First of all, make sure you have a fantastic, fun and safe holiday season. Then, keep an eye on this paper, our Facebook page, our website, and other places you might not expect, for more information at the beginning of February.

We need to talk again soon!