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31/10/2018 5:00pm

Is your pool cool?

Changes in the rules around residential swimming pools mean we now have to inspect more pools, more often, to make sure they are safely fenced.

Each year we have to inspect one third of all pools in the district. If your pool is to be inspected this summer, we’ll send you a letter to organise a time that suits.

We have also introduced 2 new inspection fees to cover the cost of the extra time and resource needed to more actively monitor our residential pools:

  • $80 first inspection fee
  • $160 if a follow up inspection is needed.

The good news is, if your pool is cool and meets all the safety requirements, you won’t need another inspection for three years.

Get it right the first time!

View more information about residential swimming pool requirements.

Why fence pools?
  • Research shows that fencing reduces drowning of young children in home pools.
  • Before pool fencing legislation came in, an average of 10 young children per year drowned in residential swimming pools.
  • This average has reduced to two young children per year - but of course, this is still two too many.
  • Most of the children who have drowned were under three years of age.

Source: WaterSafety New Zealand

The real question is "why wouldn't you fence your pool?"

Did you know?

Even the portable pool you bought at a Boxing Day sale may need fencing off from your home and the public.

Any pool with a maximum depth of water of more than 400mm must have barriers that restrict access by young children if they are filled or partly filled with water.