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08/04/2019 10:30am

Business investment in the Hauraki District has more than doubled in the last year, and people are spending more too.

Upward trend

Latest figures show consent for commercial and industrial building work to the tune of $12million was approved by the Council in 2018, an increase of 53% from the previous year. Overall GDP climbed 2.6%, while spending in the district has seen a 10% rise in the last 12 months. This compares to a national increase in spending of 4.5%. Local house prices have also bucked the national trend, going up 15% compared to a 2.3% increase throughout the country overall.

District busier

But this all comes as no surprise to Hauraki District Council Economic Development Chair Ross Harris.

“The District is noticeably busier - many others have commented on it too. Obviously the business community has the confidence to invest, which means more jobs are created and more money goes into local pockets.”

Visitors are staying longer and spending more as well. In 2017, $82million of cash flowed into Hauraki from out of town wallets. Last year that figure jumped to $87million, and the amount of accommodation booked by people looking for a local place to lay their head increased from around 139,000 nights in 2017, to 144,000 in 2018.

More jobs

The only figure on a downward slide is the number of people out of work, which Councillor Harris says is exactly as it should be.

“Unemployment rates have moved from 5.5% to 4.9% which is great to see,” he said.

“Overall, these figures reflect what we’re seeing and hearing out there on the ground, which is that the Hauraki District is the perfect place to live, work and do business. And I fully expect this upward trend to continue. We’ve got a great team working hard here at the Council to roll out the red carpet and to continue to attract more investment to our growing Centre of Opportunity.”

Ute Master Ltd: another company recognises the benefits of doing business in Hauraki

Ute Master Ltd: another company recognises the benefits of doing business in Hauraki