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14/06/2019 11:30am

Every three years we put together a Long Term Plan that sets out what we intend to do, and how much it will cost, for the next ten years.

Then, to make sure we stay on track, we follow it up with an Annual Plan that takes into account any unexpected changes that might crop up along the way.

As this year’s Annual Plan covers pretty much the same ground as the ten-year plan, we decided there was no reason to head out and ask for more feedback from you before signing it off on 24 April 2019.

Check out our to-do list below.

2019/20 To do list...

checkbox  connect the Kaimanawa drinking water supply with Paeroa 
checkbox  continue to work with the Kaiaua Coast community to develop a community led strategy around coastal hazard risk
checkbox  construct the Pūkorokoro Miranda to Kaiaua leg of the Hauraki Rail Trail
checkbox  replace old water pipes
checkbox  continue the Paeroa and Waihi wastewater pipe renewal programme
checkbox  upgrade Ngatea main street
checkbox  finish the Wharf Street section of the Wharf/Mackay streetscape in Paeroa
checkbox  further development

Upcoming changes to rates, fees and charges

We’ve managed to keep just under the rate increase signalled in our ten-year plan with an average 5.7% non-water rates increase for 2019/20 and a 6.0% increase for water rates.

To help cover increasing maintenance and service delivery costs we’ve made some changes to our user pays fees and charges that will come into effect on 1 July 2019.

Read the full annual plan 

Read about the changes to your rates

Information about other fees and charges increases will be available soon.