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14/05/2019 9:45am

Putting the weekly rubbish bag on the kerb will soon cost a little more as the cost of getting rid of waste increases.

Hauraki District Council will increase the price of its pre-paid yellow household refuse bags and rubbish disposal charges to its Refuse Transfer Stations from 20 May 2019.

A user-pays system

Council engineering group manager Adrian de Laborde said because it was a user-pays system, landfill charges and the cost of yellow refuse bags needed to go up to cover the increasing cost to council to get rid of waste.

“Fees and charges related to getting rid of rubbish in the Hauraki District haven’t changed for five years,” he said.

“In that time, there have been significant changes in the industry overall, including rising costs in maintenance, operation, disposal fees and carbon tax/Emissions Trading Scheme charges.”

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Hauraki district Mayor John Tregidga said the three Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, were even more important now as the cost of getting rid of rubbish continued to rise.

“We hope the changes will encourage our people to reduce the amount of rubbish they create, which is better for our environment,” he said.

“Reducing the amount of rubbish we create at home will conserve natural resources, landfill space and energy, and save land and money that communities must use to dispose of waste in landfills.”

Changes in brief

From 20 May 2019, Yellow rubbish bags for kerbside collection will cost $2.80, and Refuse Transfer Station charges for rubbish are listed below:

Schedule of charges from 20 May 2019
Disposal Of Rubbish and Green Waste
Vehicle/ User Type Maximum quantity of refuse
requiring disposal
 Green Waste
Single Bag Kleensac size (limited to 7kg) $4.00 $2.70
Pre-purchased yellow HDC rubbish bag Rubbish bag No charge No charge
Car Boot 0.2m3 loose $12.60 $8.00
Station Wagon 0.4m3 loose $25.00 $16.00
Small Ute/Trailer 1m3 loose $63.00 $40.00
Large Ute/Trailer 2m3 loose $125.00 $80.00
Truck or Bulk Load (weighed
on certified weighbridge)
Paeroa Only
Per tonne $206.50 $135.00
High volume/ low weight 
(i.e. non-recyclable packaging 
such as polystyrene)
Per ton
$1,565.00  -   
Disposal of Other Waste
Tyres Please note: Tyres must be whole. Cut tyres will not be accepted as general waste.  
  Car tyres $13.50 each
  4WD tyres $18.00 each
  Truck tyres $27.00 each
  Tractor tyres $56.00 each
 LPG bottles A fee is charged for recycling $6.50
Car Bodies Clean condition with seat and tyres removed, petrol tank pierced and all other fluids removed no charge
  Car bodies other than described as above $50.00
Recycling Glass, oil, paper, cardboard, aluminium, plastic soft drink and milk bottles, scrap metal and car batteries no charge
Supply of Wheelie Bins
Procurement, Storage & assembly    Charge
(including GST)
Black  240L $70.60
Black  80L $60.40
Paeroa/Plains Per delivery $45.00
Waihi Per delivery $39.00
Axles Per Unit
Wheels Per Unit $9.60
Hinge Pins Per Unit $0.40
80L body Per Unit $60.40
80L lid Per Unit $15.60
240L body Per Unit $70.60
240L lid Per Unit $15.60
60L glass crate Per Unit $15.00

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