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19/11/2019 12:00pm
Is your pool cool?

By law, we have to inspect one third of all swimming pools and spa pools in the district each year.

We want you to keep having fun in the sun, knowing your family and visitors are safe. If your pool is to be inspected this summer, you will receive a letter from us to arrange a convenient time. The good news is, if your pool meets all the safety requirements, you won’t need another inspection for three years.

Get it right the first time

Get it right the first time - here's what you need to know 

Why fence your pool?

• A short look at any given summer month will show you the sad statistics behind these rules.
• Before pool fencing legislation came in, an average of 10 young children per year drowned in residential swimming pools.
• This average has reduced to two young children per year
• Most of the children who have drowned are under three years old.
• Even if you don’t have children, you still need to fence your pool, as research shows most drownings involve children of pool owners or their visitors

The real question is; why wouldn’t you fence your pool?
Did you know?

Even the portable pool you bought at a Boxing Day sale may need fencing off from your home and the public. Any pool with a maximum depth of water of more than 400mm must have barriers that restrict access by young children if they are filled or partly filled with water.

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