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Week 1 begins Monday 24 February 2020

16/10/2019 12:00pm

One year on from its first Business Bites event, Evolve Hauraki is challenging local businesses to do one new thing in 2020.  

Anniversary workshop

The 2020 Challenge starts with a one-year anniversary workshop on 7 November 2019 where business owners and managers are encouraged to take away at least one idea that will really add value to their business over the coming year.

The workshop will be run by Dr Nick Marsh, who specialises in strategic planning workshops for boards of directors and executive teams. 

“We’re very fortunate to have someone of this calibre to learn from and we encourage all of our businesses to make the most of this opportunity,” said new Hauraki District Mayor Toby Adams.

“Our challenge to our business community is to pick one thing and make it happen in 2020. It could be something small like creating a Facebook page, or something a bit bigger like setting up an advisory board, or learning to understand what makes your customers tick.”

Business survey

Prior to the workshop, the Evolve Hauraki team will send out a survey asking business owners to share their thoughts on what could make a difference to their business in the year ahead.

“We’re keen to find out what local business owners think, so we can use this information to help guide the format of the evening,” he said.

The survey will be emailed to town promoter databases and posted on our Facebook page over the next few weeks.

Business opportunities growing

Mayor Adams says Evolve Hauraki was created in November 2018 when the Council joined forces with Te Waka (Waikato Regional Economic Development Agency) and Hauraki town promotional organisations, Positive Paeroa, Positively Promoting the Plains and Go Waihi.

Dedicated to supporting local business to grow, it launched a new series of quick business talks from experienced guest speakers. The idea is to deliver quick bites of information that busy business owners can digest with their cornflakes, without taking too much time out of their day. The breakfasts are also an opportunity to chat with others facing the same challenges, support each other, and share ideas.

“Hauraki is growing which means business opportunities are also growing. We want to help our businesses to be poised for action and ready to seize these opportunities as they arise,” he said.