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09/09/2019 10:00am

Mahuru Māori- Kia Kaha te Reo Māori
“Lets make the Māori Language Strong”

Kia KahaTe Wiki o Te Reo Māori is a time to celebrate our Māori language. Whether it be just a kupu (word), or rerenga kōrero (a phrase), let’s get started!

Tūwhitia te hopo! Feel the fear and do it anyway!

The chosen theme for 2019 is again 'Kia Kaha te Reo Māori’.

‘Kia Kaha’ is well known in New Zealand English with its meaning of ‘be strong’. We often talk about languages as if they are people – talking about language health, strength and revitalisation. So when we say ‘Kia Kaha te Reo Māori’ we’re saying - ‘Let’s make the Māori language strong'.

Let’s practice together!

Kia kaha tātou ki te Kōrero Māori!
Don’t be whakamā! (Shy)
Mō te hemo tonu atu! (Go Hard out)

Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori is on from 9 to 15 Mahuru (September).

Kōrero Māori | Speaking Māori

We’re on a mission to strengthen our te reo. Will you join us?

There are heaps of resources available for anyone wanting to improve their te reo Māori. Here are some places to start:

100 Māori words every New Zealander should know. You can listen to the way each work is pronounced on this website too - New Zealand History

Māori words and phrases including commands, phrases to use with children, months of the year, greetings and more can be found on Māori 
It also has a series of podcasts in the Speak Māori section.

Te Reo Māori pukapuka mahi (Māori language activity book), suitable for kids 5-10 years, is available to download from Te Papa Tongarewa 

Have a chat in Te Reo Māori with Reobot, a really fun AI tool in Facebook messenger, that helps with your conversational reo. Go on, send Reobot a message and have a chat.

Courses to learn Te Reo Māori, if you would like to go a step further, are listed on Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori - Maori Language Commission website 

Moana, Disney's animated feature with a Polynesian setting, has been dubbed entirely in te reo Māori (including the waiata). You may wish to seek out a version.

He kawhe koa? - How about asking for your hot drink of choice in te reo? Te Taura Whiri o Te Reo Maori (The Maori Language Commission) has produced this fantastic guide to awhi (help) you.

Kawhe Coffee



Finding te reo Maori pronunciation a bit difficult?

That's okay! Language can be tricky. Have a look at this Maori Pronunciation Guide to help you stay on the right track.

KIA ORA Pronunciation

Celebrating Te Reo i te Kaunihera (the Council)

Hop on our facebook page and see some of the kīwaha we are encouraging people to try. Lets also learn about some of the place names here in Hauraki.

Te Reo Maori i Te Whare Pukapuka | Maori language at the library

We’ll be adding more te reo to existing library programmes such as Toddler Time. Our libraries also have plenty of resources for all who want to brush up on their own te reo skills.

Need to contact the Council?

We’ll be greeting our customers in te reo where we can. We’d love it if you could practice with us. We may not always get our pronunciation or wording 100 percent right but we expect this will improve with practice and encouragement. Whakawhetai koe mo to tautoko – thank you for your support.