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23/04/2020 4:38pm

Wet wipes are handy, but when you’ve done your wiping, remember to put them in the bin.

At the moment we’re wiping more than ever, but our pumps are clogging up more than ever too. It’s already costing our ratepayers 100’s of thousands of dollars to clean up every year. That’s a lot of money, just going down the drain.

Flushable but not 'pumpable'

Wet wipes are flushable, so they will go down the toilet, but they’re made from plastic which means they’re not biodegradable and they don’t break down in our pipes. Instead they cling together and turn into jumbo fatbergs that block our pumps.

Together we can save our pipes from wipes. If we all make one simple change, we’ll save 100’s of thousands of ratepayer dollars and it will be better for the environment too.  Wipes in the bin, we all win

Easy to fix with these top tips

It’s an elephant-sized problem, but an easy one to fix with these top tips!

Only flush the three Ps – pee, poo and paper

Dispose of your wet wipes in the bin, not the toilet.

Keep a bin by your toilet and in your bathroom


Wipes in the bin