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24/04/2020 12:18pm
Covid 19 Water flush

With many community facilities/businesses being closed during the COVID-19 4-week self-isolation period this provides the opportunity for drinking-water quality issues to occur upon return to normal service activities. These issues are most likely to arise when water is used for the first time given the water may have been sitting idle in your pipes and stagnated or deteriorated.


The water quality issues that result from water sitting stagnant are:
• Poor tasting (may taste metallic or earthy)
• Odorous (smells bad)
• Looks brown or dirty
• May have grown biofilm (small naturally grown vegetative matter).
These issues alone don't mean the water is unsafe, it just may not be pleasant.


There are two overall groups the above issues particularly apply to:
Community facilities/commercial buildings/small businesses;
Group A - are provided with a municipal water supply (i.e. via your local Council)
Group B - have your own standalone water supply (roof water or private bore/spring)

For everything you need to know, if you are affected, keep reading here [PDF, 176 KB]