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16/12/2020 2:40pm

The sun worked up a thirst during last year’s summer drought, which has left our river levels lower than they were this time last year. Even if we get a wetter summer, we still need to keep as much water in the rivers as possible, by reducing what we each use now.

River low, Summer dry

"The lyrics to River Deep, Mountain High are more like River Low, Summer Dry this year”, said Mayor Toby Adams.

That’s because the effects of the 2019/2020 summer drought are still being felt and another hot summer is predicted.

“Our river levels are already lower than this time last year so our take from the river has to drop too. The best way to keep our rivers healthy and avoid summer restrictions, is to keep as much water as possible in the rivers by reducing what we each use now”.

Here’s what you can do to help reduce the daily usage in your home
  • take 4 minute showers;
  • only wash a full load of clothes
  • keep a bucket in the shower and use saved water on your garden
  • turn tap off when cleaning teeth 
  • observe any outdoor water use restrictions if they kick in
  • Check your water meter for leaks. Here's how to do an overnight leak test .
Keep a look out for leaks when you're out and about

We can't be everywhere, so we really appreciate it when you tell us about any suspicious puddles or patches of green in areas of dry grass - it usually means a leak. 

Here’s what we’re doing to proactively manage our water supply
  • We’ve ramped up our leak detection work (especially in Waihi where water can escape into the crevices and cracks from historic mining).
  • We’re reducing water pressure in a controlled way across the district. You shouldn’t notice too much difference and if you’re already in a low pressure area, we won’t reduce your pressure any further.
Water savings is in all our hands

If we all get used to using less water now, we can make sure we have enough to go around and keep our frogs and fish happy too.

Summer sun