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18/02/2020 4:30pm
Update: Tuesday 18 February, 3:40pm

The planned maintenance work on the Kerepehi raw water intake pipe, originally scheduled for Tuesday, (18 Feb) is back on track and work will start tomorrow morning (19 Feb).

Numerous water pipe breaks delay maintenance work

Work was delayed due to a number of water pipe breaks on the Hauraki Plains over the weekend. More time was needed to refill the raw water tank and top up the treated water tanks before the intake from the river could be shut down.

There is now enough treated water in reserve to get the job started. All going to plan, there shouldn't be any interruption to the water supply.

18-24 hours supply in event of a temporary plant shutdown

Last year, we installed two new 4000m3 treated drinking water reservoirs at the Kerepēhi Water Treatment Plant as part of a $3.2 million project. The new tanks, combined with the existing reservoir, allow us to store 10,000m3 of clean drinking water, which means about 18 - 24 hours of supply in the event of a temporary plant shutdown.

Original Story - Published 17 February 2020

Planned maintenance on the main pipe supplying river water to the Kerepehi Water Treatment Plant, scheduled for Tuesday 18 February, has been postponed.

“To work on the pipe we need to shut down the raw (untreated) water intake from the river for a few hours, and fill our raw water tank to make sure our treated water reservoirs are well topped up before we start,” said Group Manager Engineering Services Adrian de Laborde. “This would give us more than enough reserve to get the job done.”

However, the water services team responded to more than 10 water pipe breaks on the Hauraki Plains over the weekend, and repairs are still ongoing.

Water breaks delay work 

Council is experiencing water pipe breaks on a daily basis at the moment.

“These breaks appear to be caused by the clay cracking in the dry conditions and taking the pipe with it,” said de Laborde. 

More time needed to replenish supply

Due to the number of water breaks on the weekend, more time is needed to refill the raw water tank before the intake from the river can be shut down.

Once enough treated water is in reserve, the maintenance will be rescheduled.

The priority now is to get on top of the water breaks caused by the extremely dry soil conditions.

Please call Council if you are without water or spot a leak

The team is working hard to fix all known leaks. If residents spot a leak or are without water, please contact Council on 0800 734 834 or 07 862 8609. Thank you

Water drop