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27/02/2020 7:45am

Due to recent rain and the community’s prudent use of water, the Total Watering Ban for Waihi and Waikino has been lifted.

Following a major raw water pipe break that saw the town run out of water on 12 February, Waihi’s treated water reservoir level is now bobbing around at about 90 per cent.

Alternate Days water restriction in place from Thursday 27 February

However, due to the ongoing dry weather an Alternate Days water restriction is now in place for outdoor water use from Thursday 27 February.

Odd numbered addresses, only water on odd days of the month and even numbered addresses, only water on even days of the month.

Outside water use includes watering lawns and gardens, washing cars, houses and decks, filling paddling pools or playing under sprinklers.

Saving water still a priority for the district

All parts of the district are asked to please continue to save water where you can.

For water saving tips go to

Thanks for saving water as this dry weather continues

Waterering can