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Water restriction status

Total watering ban - Waihi, Waikino

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15/01/2020 10:50am

A total watering ban is now in place in Waihi and Waikino.

River levels in Waihi and Waikino are low and we need to save water now.The ban includes all use of water outside the house such as watering lawns and gardens, washing cars, houses and decks, filling paddling pools or playing under sprinklers.

All other parts of the district

All other parts of the district are asked to please continue to save water where they can.

Water saving tips

Check out some great water saving tips.

Thanks for your help

Please remember to let us know if you spot a puddle, patch of green or geyser where they shouldn't be. We appreciate your help to conserve water as this dry weather continues.

water restriction total ban