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01/06/2020 9:36pm
Haurahi Stream project clearing work underway

Covid-19 pushed pause on the Hauarahi Stream project during Level 3 and 4, but work has now started again and we’ve made good progress clearing blockages upstream of East Coast Road Bridge.

We’ve also put in high flow benches (areas along the river, usually on bends, where a flat bench is dug into the bank, making the river wider. When the river flows over the bench, it can spread out but stay contained within the riverbanks). Flow benches are about 20-30 metres long. Rock riprap (large boulders put in place to protect shorelines against scour and water erosion – not a rock band) are also being added. Ripraps are built in 50-metre sections.

This work, which is being done over a two-year period, will help manage the effects of storm water but it won’t prevent flooding altogether or address coastal hazards.

Updates on other Kaiaua projects

  • Drainage work to prevent water running downhill into the Miranda Cemetery was completed in March. We also took the opportunity to install a water tank at the entrance, to provide for the washing of hands, as is customary to remove tāpu when leaving an urupa or cemetery.
  • The Lipscombe Road storm water project is in the design stage. Originally planned for construction during June, Covid-19 delays mean work will now start later in the year. We’ll keep you updated. If the work is likely to directly affect you, we’ll be in touch before we get started
  • We’ve finished stop bank repairs on the Hauraki Rail Trail south of Pūkorokoro
  • We are repairing 600 meters of East Coast Road immediately north of Kaiaua. The design is signed off and the contract is ready to be advertised for tender soon. The work is planned for this coming summer.

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The new water tank installed at the Miranda Cemetery for the customary washing of hands to remove tapu when leaving an urupa or cemetery.

Miranda Water tank