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27/03/2020 1:32pm

Rubbish collected fortnightly

From next week (Monday 30 March) your rubbish will be collected fortnightly on your normal recycling week

During these extraordinary circumstances, everything (recycling included) will be sent to landfill to protect the health and wellbeing of our communities, staff and contractors

Please put your rubbish and recycling (except glass) in an official yellow council bag inside your big black and yellow wheelie bin, so staff do not have to touch it.

If your bag is not in your wheelie bin, it won’t be picked up.

Glass recycling bins will not be emptied due to the risk of spreading the virus

If anyone in your household is sick, please double bag your rubbish and recycling, but only the outside bag needs to be an official bag

Hauraki District Council thanks you for your understanding and patience in these challenging times


How you can help

Try to minimise your rubbish at home

Only use your bins and the drop off sites for your day-to-day household rubbish. Now isn't the time to be cleaning out the
cupboards and the garage

Pick up your own rubbish if it spills in the street - because our contractors won't be able to touch it

Be understanding if there are delays due to unforeseen circumstances like breakdowns, bad weather, or high demand

Please understand that the collectors and staff are still out there working and handling your waste - be kind, understanding and remember they have families to go home to as well


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