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13/11/2020 2:00pm

Painting the town orange

You may have noticed our crews and cones are a bit more visible this week, and that it's been "full-shovel-ahead" all the way along the main street from the council offices to the river. This is because we're bringing in more people and machinery to try and make up for our late start and meet our original estimate of ten weeks to complete the project.

We appreciate your ongoing patience and understanding as we do our best to strike a balance between getting things done as quickly as possible and disruption to businesses. We're continuing to have one on one meetings with business owners to discuss issues on a case by case basis and work out individual plans to minimise disruption and maintain access at all times.         

Kerbs and planters

While upgrading the footpath is our main focus, we're doing other small jobs along the way. These include replacing sections of kerb, installing tactile pavers at crossings, and putting in planters for landscaping. This means you might see us working in odd spots from time to time, away from where the main footpath work is happening.


Blame the rain

Overall, the concrete pouring is going well but, courtesy of overnight downpours soon after they were poured, a couple of sections haven't set quite as nicely as we'd hoped. We're trying a few things to fix these areas (outside the tavern and butcher's shop) but if they still don't make the grade, we may have to double back and pour them again. 


Practical makes perfect

We've based the footpath design and materials on your feedback. Earlier this year, we asked you to choose from a range of designs and options and we heard that you wanted to use simple, robust and local materials with coloured inlays in selected areas. 


Meeting our original timeframes

While we're still going to do our best to meet our initial estimate of ten weeks to complete the work, considering our late start and recent spells of wet weather, this is starting to look a bit ambitious - particularly if we encounter any other unexpected issues along the way. We'll keep you updated if this happens. Having said that, we're doing everything we can to progress this project, including getting in extra crews, and at this stage things are on track and going smoothly. 

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