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23/12/2021 11:02am

 We’ve taken the guesswork out of festive season kerbside rubbish and recycling with this handy guide.

Green for Go!

Everything in the green section of the graphic below is good to go in your recycling bin, everything in the red section is a big NO.

All you have to do is follow it and your bin will never get left behind. Here's a full list of what can and can't be recycled and the kerbside collection calendar over the holiday season. This year, there is no change to the collection days as Christmas and New Year officially fall on the weekend.

The scrunch test

If your wrapping paper scrunches into a nice ball and stays that way, it means it doesn’t have any plastics or shiny coatings on it, so it’s good to go in your bin. Cellophane and shiny, coated paper will pop open and are not recyclable.

Be extra nice

Pulling the sticky tape off the recyclable paper is even better for recycling purposes, so get rid of the sticky tape first.

Shiny ribbons and bows

If it’s shiny or has glitter on it, it can’t be recycled, so think string, brown paper, pressed flowers or reused paper, bags, newspaper and fabric for wrapping your present this year.

Bubble wrap, tinsel, Christmas lights 

All go in the yellow rubbish bags as none of them can be recycled. 

That’s it – your easy guide to Keeping up with the Kerbsiders – (that’s your kerbside  recycling wheelie bin; yellow rubbish bag and glass crate collection!).


Can I put it in my recycling bin infographic