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01/07/2021 1:47pm

From 1 July, some of our building consent fees have increased and we have also introduced a new fee to cover the costs associated with processing and checking building projects that may be exempt from Building Act requirements.

Here's a quick snapshot of the changes:

Minor Projects:
There's a slight increase to the fees for Solid Fuel Heater and Proprietary brand domestic garages and outbuildings (up to the value of $20K).

Major Projects:
Deposits for all major projects have increased by between $50 - $450, depending on the value of the project.

Building Inspections
This fee has increased from $160.00 - $175.00 per inspection

Other Fees
Some of the fees have increased but not all

New Fee
Processing and checking building projects that may be exempt from Building Act requirements:
1. Exemption Application - $240.00 + Officer's hourly rate
2. Commercial Exemption Application - $500.00 + Officer's hourly rate

Archaeological Sites and buildings built pre 1900

The Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Act gives automatic protection to archaeological sites (sites with evidence of human activity before 1900).

Examples include Pa sites, middens, old mine workings – tunnels / processing plants, sites occupied by buildings before 1900.

The Act prohibits the modification or destruction of an archaeological site unless an authority has been obtained from Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga.

As the prohibition on modification or destruction applies to unknown, as well as known, archaeological sites, the Archaeological Association database is a good place to start when looking for information on the site you want to develop.

Dwellings constructed pre-1900, that are not listed as a heritage building on our District Plan can be altered or renovated, according to normal building consent requirements. You can check the status of a building in our District Plan or give our planners a call on 0800 734 834 (within the district) or 07 862 8609.

Consent Notices on sites created from 1991 onwards

If you are proposing to build, or do additions/alterations to buildings, on sites created in or after 1991, there may be ‘ongoing’ conditions imposed on the subdivision consent. These conditions are ones that current and future owners/occupiers of the property have to comply with (as opposed to the other conditions which the subdivider had to comply with before the new titles could be issued).

The Certificate (now Record) of Title for the property will show if there are any of these conditions which you need to be aware of before you design and/or build your project.

Building Consents online

To apply for a building consent with us, head to our online consent portal. If it's the first time you have used it, you'll need to create an account first. You'll be able to track your consent's progress online too.