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04/11/2021 4:07pm

There's currently only one EV charging station in Hauraki District (in the parking lot of New World, Waihi). As more and more EV's take to the road, we know it's important to future proof infrastructure to cater for this growing demand.

Most EV owners will use the cheaper option of charging their car overnight at home, but with so many visitors to our district, and only one charging station in Waihi, FORO (fear of running out before you can get to a charging station) is a real thing for travelling EV owners.

Council's Zero Carbon Promise drives commitment to EV infrastructure

EV charging stations are commercial ventures, similar to fuel stations, and as such are not operated by us. That's why EV charging stations are often found in the parking areas of frequently visited and easily accessible retail outlets such as supermarkets, where an agreement exists between the landowner and the EV charging company.

However, we recently committed to a Zero Carbon Promise that includes our commitment to “investigate partnerships and/or external funding for Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure”. It's not only good for the environment, it’s essential for keeping Hauraki a user friendly district for all EV drivers.

So we’re looking at opportunities to:
  • Provide locations on Council owned land and road reserves for the installation of EV infrastructure. This includes the provision of enabling infrastructure such as ducting, parking bays, access, etc.
  • Allow applications from EV charging companies to allow the installation, and operation, of EV infrastructure on Council land.
  • For Council to lodge funding applications that could assist in the development of EV infrastructure in the District.
Next steps

Our Roading team are currently looking for suitable locations for EV infrastructure for Council’s consideration. We'll keep you posted on any decisions. We're also including EV charging stations in the design stage of appropriate new or current projects, so that when they get the green light to proceed, EV capability will be there.

 Electric car charging sign   yellow