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01/12/2022 12:00pm

Bet you’re already thinking about packing for your summer holiday, but is an Emergency Kit on your list? 

Pack the import stuff, not just the fun stuff

It’s easy to remember to pack the fun stuff, but packing life-saving essentials often takes a back seat to squeezing in that wetsuit or extra pair of heels.

This summer, in conjuction with Civil Defence Hauraki, we’re running a social media campaign to see how prepared our community is for an emergency.

For the next twelve days on Facebook and Instagram, we’ll be highlighting a specific summer activity and an emergency kit essential to take with you. On day 13, we’ll run a quiz to see how much you've have learnt or been inspired to put an Emergency Kit at the top of your holiday packing list.

Add this to your Christmas Wish List

If you’ve got partners, friends or whanau asking what you want for Christmas, put this website on your wish list. From bum bags with the basic essentials to full household Emergency Kits in backpacks, there’s something for everyone.

Survive-It | Civil Defence & Emergency Equipment | WGTN NZ

Prepare now - Survive later

If you’re venturing outdoors this summer or just hanging around the house, you’ll want to have some basic emergency items on hand.

We might not make a Bear Grylls out of you, but we might help you survive if you prepare now.

For instance, did you know a simple compact mirror in the Australian Outback (or any outdoor space) can make the difference to being lost or found. It can reflect the sun so search planes flying overhead can notice it. Good hey?!

What’s your best tip for what should go in an Emergency Kit? 

Follow us on Facebook and be sure to comment on our Prepare now - Survive later campaign to go in the draw to win one of four Survive-it Emergency prize packs. Your tip might inspire others too. 

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