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01/07/2022 2:37pm

From 1 July 2022, every separately used or inhabited part of a property (SUIPS) will be charged a ‘uniform annual general charge’ or UAGC and a Ward Annual Charge. Previously, one UAGC and one Ward Annual Charge was rated per property. Now, a UAGC and a Ward Annual Charge will be charged per separately used part of a property.

Following a community consultation process, the Council has decided to introduce Separately Used or Inhabited Parts (SUIPs) as the method of rating some annual charges. We thank those who took the time to share their views with us, and help inform Council’s decision making process.
How do I know if the change to SUIPs will affect me?

Everyone is affected by the change to SUIPs. If you only have one dwelling (SUIP) on your property, your UAGC and Ward Annual Charge rates will decrease but for those with more than one SUIP, their rates will increase (as one UAGC and Ward Annual Charge will be charged per SUIP on their property). Those multiple SUIP properties will receive a letter in July 2022 to explain the change.

More slices from the same pie

“Introducing SUIPs doesn’t affect the total amount of rates that Council collects, it’s just a different way of ‘slicing up the pie’. Because there are more separate parts than there are properties, there’ll be more slices of the same pie compared to last year. More individual slices/payments means the UAGC rate that each 'slice' has to pay will reduce and the same applies to the Ward Annual Charges”, said Mayor Adams.

 Annual Plan   row of houses graphic

Ninety four percent of properties will see a reduction in their UAGC and Ward rate

Ninety four per cent of properties in the Hauraki District only have one dwelling on them. This means these property owners will pay less than they did in 2021/22 for the UAGC and Ward Annual Charge portion of their rates, while the remaining 6 per cent of properties with multiple SUIP’s will pay more as they will be paying per SUIP. This does not change the way capital value or land value rates are charged. These would continue to be charged on the value of the property.

The diagram below was used in the consultation process to show the impact of the proposed changes, which have now come into effect.


Annual Plan   graphic of savings