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29/06/2022 12:18pm

A temporary 70km/hr speed limit is now in place on a southern section of Hauraki Road, between Captain Cook Road and Wharepoa Road, Turua. This has been installed to promote safer travel for road users prior to upcoming larger scale road repairs.

The temporary speed limit is likely to be in place until after the 2022 Christmas holiday break, and Council knows this can be frustrating for motorists.

“We acknowledge and understand the frustration that some of our community is expressing over the condition of Hauraki Road. Limited funding and difficult soil conditions have created some challenges for the team to manage but we have a plan to get things moving”, said Group Manager Service Delivery, Adrian de Laborde.

Temporary speed limit between Captain Cook and Wharepoa Roads 

An 810 metre length of Hauraki Road within the area currently under a temporary 70km speed limit is scheduled for rebuilding in the October 2022 – March 2023 construction season.

We've already completed some major repairs on the southern section to hold the road through winter and monitoring and pothole repairs will continue until scheduled work starts.

“Limited funding means we can’t fix all the roads we want, when we want to, but we want to reassure our community that we have a good system in place to get the best ‘bang for the ratepayer’s buck’ from our roading funds”, he added.

Recent audit shows funding well spent

Council’s Land Transport Team recently received public thanks from Councillors for their outstanding result during the latest Waka Kotahi (New Zealand Transport Agency) audit. The audit result demonstrates a high level of Waka Kotahi assurance in where Council are investing land transport funding.

The audit confirmed that we’re spending the money well that we receive from Waka Kotahi and that data from our Land Transport Team that feeds into Waka Kotahi’s planning was acknowledged as being of the highest standard in the country.

While this result doesn’t give an instant fix for Hauraki Road, what it does show is that we’re growing significantly in our understanding and response to the unique make up of our roading network, particularly on the Plains with its peat and gley soils and the impact of the worst drought in 100 years.

We know there is still work to do but we’re confident we’re heading in the right direction for our communities.

Thanks for your continued patience while we get this work done

While the 70km/hr temporary speed limit is in place on the southern section of Hauraki Road, Council reminds road users to please drive to the conditions and to always expect the unexpected on rural roads.

Hauraki Road map showing section with temporary speed limit

Hauraki Road map showing section with temporary speed limit