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Procurement – accounts payable

Our goal is to make working with us easy. If you have any questions regarding our Purchase Order and invoicing procedures please email Council.

Purchase order numbers

Please note that a Purchase Order (PO) number is mandatory to ensure there are no delays in payment. If you have not received a PO number, please request one from the Council staff member responsible for purchasing the goods or service.

Council’s standard Purchase Order terms and conditions are downloadable below.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditons [PDF, 664 KB]

Invoice requirements

To assist with the process, we have listed the elements that your invoice needs to include:

  • Your Purchase Order (PO) number (issued by the Council officer responsible for the purchase)
  • Your Council contact (the name of the issuer of the PO number)
  • Your company’s legal name
  • Your company’s GST number
  • Your company’s invoice number for the service/supply of goods
  • A description of the goods or service being supplied
  • The date of delivery of the service or goods
  • The NZ dollar amount to be paid plus GST (if any)
  • Your company’s bank account details

Invoices can be sent to Council in the following ways:

Email (as a PDF attachment):


Hauraki District Council (Accounts Payable)

PO Box 17


Payments are made on the 20th of the month following the lodgement of the invoice (providing that all required information is included).

If payment to you has not been made, please phone Council and ask for the accounts payable team. Please do not re-send your invoice until after you have spoken with an accounts payable team member.