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Our food grading bylaw is to protect and promote public health by requiring food businesses registered with us that operate subject to a Food Control Plan to display a food grading certificate for public information. It contains our criteria for grading food businesses.

food gradeAplus

These businesses provide an excellent level of confidence that they manage a food control plan, practise excellent food safety, and consistently produce safe and suitable food.
food gradeA These businesses provide a high level of confidence that they manage a food control plan, their practices are good, and they produce safe and suitable food. There may be areas for improvement that do not directly impact food safety, usually around documentation and procedures.
food gradeB These businesses provide a satisfactory level of confidence that they produce safe food. There may be multiple areas for improvement that do not directly impact food safety in the immediate future, particularly around their observed practices. There is potential that food safety could be threatened in the future if improvements to processes and documentation are not resolved.
food gradeD These businesses have been identified as having issues that are likely to result in food being unsafe or unsuitable, and action has been taken as a response. A Food Safety Officer has issued an improvement notice
food gradeE These businesses have had a critical issue relating to food safety, and have (or are in the process of) being closed by a Food Safety Officer as a result

Food Grading Bylaw 2019 [PDF, 461 KB] pdf.gif


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