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The introduction of a District wide Alcohol Ban in December 2008 has given powers to Police to have better control over the consumption of liquor in public places.

Special event organisations, host clubs or organisers of events who use Council parks and or reserves and do not sell alcohol, can apply for dispensation from the Bylaw.

This simply means that:

If an organisation believes that, by allowing people to bring and consume alcohol (in Council managed Parks or Reserves) during that event or occasion, the event will be enhanced and made more enjoyable, then they can apply for dispensation to allow consumption to take place without breaking the Bylaw.

It is important to note that this does not apply to persons who wish to sell liquor.

Multiple dates

It is possible to apply for dispensation for a number of dates for the same event. For example; rugby clubs and business house cricket can apply for dispensation on all playing days in the season on one application.


In granting dispensation Council and the Police place some responsibility on the organisers to ensure disorderly behaviour caused by excessive consumption does not occur and if it does that intervention is carried out by controlling or removing the people from the event, or contacting Police. Council and Police do have the power to cancel an approved dispensation

Application for dispensation can be made on the Liquor Ban Dispensation Application Form (17KB)Adobe PDF document and posted/ delivered to;

The Chief Executive
Hauraki District Council
P.O.Box 17

Or deliver to Council's Service Centre in Waihi, Paeroa or Ngatea.

Application must be made no less than three weeks prior to the event. There is no charge for the application.

For further enquiries contact Hauraki District Council on (07) 862 5000