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Kerbside Collections

Week 2 begins Monday 19 August 2019

HDC Consolidated Bylaw

Hauraki District Council Consolidated Bylaw

Part 1 (Introduction)
Part 2 (Land Transport)
Part 3 (Public Safety) 
Part 4 (Trade waste and Waste water)
Part 5 (Water Supply)
Part 6 (Cemeteries) 
Part 7 (Land Drainage) 
Part 8 (Solid Waste) 
Part 9 (Wharves) 

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Topics Located:
Animals part 3
Beach Access  part 3
Bee Keeping part 3
Boat Ramps part 9
Burials part 6
Camping part 3
Catchments part 5
Cemeteries part 6
Dogs part 3
Drainage part 7
Fires & Camping part 3
Food Safety part 3
Freedom Camping part 3
Hazardous Substances  part 4
Heavy Vehicle Parking part 2
Land Drainage part 7
Liquor part 3
Nuisance part 3
Parking part 2
Pig Keeping part 3
Poultry Keeping part 3
Public Places part 3
Recycling part 8
Refuse part 8
Reserves part 3
Rubbish part 8
Sewerage part 4
Skating part 3
Solid Waste part 8 
Speed Limits part 2
Trade Refuse part 8
Trade Waste - Water part 4
Traffic  part 2
Vehicle Access to Beaches part 3
Vehicle Crossings part 2
Waste part 4
Wastewater part 4
Water part 5
Wharves  part 9

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