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Our trade waste and wastewater bylaw helps us to regulate discharge of industrial/commercial waste, and the drainage of wastewater (sewage) from households. It contains rules around:

  • Storage and transport of hazardous substances
  • Consents for discharging trade waste and how they will be given
  • Disposal of trade waste from tankers (e.g. septic tank contents or industrial waste)
  • Accidental discharge or spillage of trade waste
  • System of charging fees and invoicing
  • Connecting to our domestic wastewater (sewerage) system
  • Disconnection from our wastewater (sewerage) system
  • Building or excavating over buried services or near public sewers
  • Technical details and requirements for wastewater

Trade Waste and Wastewater Bylaw 2015 pdf.gif


Waihi Wastewater treatment plant