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Draft Proposed Plan Change 4 - Miscellaneous Plan Change

The Council has been working on a ‘Miscellaneous Plan Change’ and we now have a draft document upon which we are consulting.

Proposed Plan Change 4 consists of 133 items covering a range of generally minor issues. It seeks to amend definitions, correct cross references, update maps and schedules and to make relatively minor amendments to improve the overall consistency and usability of the District Plan for all Plan users.

A draft of Proposed Plan Change 4 is available for people to access prior to the Council finalising the Proposed Plan Change for public notification and submission. If you have any comments on the matters of direct relevance to you, then please contact either Marina van Steenbergen or Leigh Robcke before 28 August 2020. 

Plan Change 1

Plan change 1 became 'operative' on 16 September 2019.

View more about Plan Change 1 including the Council decision:

What is the District Plan?

The District Plan is the primary document for the management of the effects of land use and development within the Hauraki District.

The current Hauraki District Plan became operative on 26 September 2014 and is the result of a review process that included extensive consultation with ratepayers and other interested parties. It addresses issues such as:

  • effects of land use
  • natural hazards
  • noise
  • surface of water activities
  • indigenous biodiversity.

The District Plan provides rules for how landowners and occupiers can build on or develop their land. Depending on which zone(s) your land is located in will determine what activities and development you can do on your property as of right, and those for which you would first need a resource consent. District Plan rules cover matters such as residential, industrial and commercial development, subdivision, noise and the location and height of buildings.

The Plan sits within a wider resource management framework, where regulations, plans and planning documents have been created at the national, regional and district levels.

Which Plan to use?

Anyone who lives or operates in the Franklin area that is now part of the Hauraki District, for example landowners, developers, and builders, continues to be bound by the Franklin District Plan rules and will need to refer to the Franklin District Plan.

Those who live in or operate in the rest of the Hauraki District will need to refer to the Hauraki District Plan.

 Hauraki District Plan Franklin District Plan