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District Plan Text cover     District Plan Maps cover

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Printed Copies & CDs: Printed copies or CD copies of the HDC Appeals Version of the Proposed District Plan are also available to purchase - view costs and contact details.


Proposed Plan Change 1

We're proposing some changes to the District Plan. The submission period has now closed.

View more about Plan Change 1:

Hauraki District Plan - Planning Text

The documents below are available for viewing in Adobe Acrobat PDF documentAdobe Acrobat format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader , please visit and download a free copy of the reader.

    Declaration [PDF, 274 KB] 
    Record of Plan Changes & Record of all Hauraki District Plan Updates [PDF, 94 KB]
Section 1 Table of Contents [PDF, 279 KB]
Section 2 Administration, Monitoring and Cross Boundary Issues (399 KB) 
Section 3 Significant Resource Management Issues and Role of the District Plan (542 KB) 
Section 4 Definitions [PDF, 679 KB]
Section 5 Zones [PDF, 186 KB] 
    5.1 Rural Zone [PDF, 377 KB] 
    5.2 Conservation (Indigenous Forest) Zone [PDF, 284 KB] 
    5.3 Conservation (Wetland) Zone [PDF, 224 KB] 
    5.4 Coastal Zone [PDF, 425 KB] 
    5.5 Karangahake Gorge Zone [PDF, 350 KB] 
    5.6 Urban Areas of the Towns and Townships [PDF, 252 KB] 
    5.7 Residential Zone [PDF, 258 KB] 
    5.8 Low Density Residential Zone [PDF, 216 KB]
    5.9 Marae Development Zone (284 KB)
    5.10 Township Zone (362 KB)
    5.11 Town Centre Zone (1.41 MB)
    5.12 Industrial Zone (430 KB)
    5.13 Paeroa Flood Ponding Zone (214 KB)
    5.14 Reserve Zones (199 KB)
    5.15 Reserve (Active) Zone (320 KB)
    5.16 Reserve (Passive) Zone (279 KB)
    5.17 Martha Mineral Zone (703 KB)
    5.18 Golden Cross Mineral Zone (1.37 MB)  
Section 6 Conservation and Heritage
    6.1 Historic Heritage (1.55 MB)  Also view the Historic Heritage items
    6.2 Indigenous Biodiversity and Significant Natural Areas (775 KB)
    6.3 Protection of Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes and District Amenity Landscapes (368 KB) 
    6.4 Recognition and Protection of Significant Trees (623 KB)
Section 7 Specific and District Wide Matters [PDF, 125 KB]
    7.1 Overview of Water Supply Catchments, Flood Management & River Control and Coastal Inundation Control [PDF, 106 KB]
    7.2 Management of Water Supply Catchments (136 KB)
    7.3 Riparian Margins & Esplanades (291 KB)
    7.4 Provision for Network Utilities and Energy Generation (880 KB)
    7.5 Designations (413 KB)
    7.6 Signs (259 KB)
    7.7 Hazardous Substances and Contamination Land (569 KB)
    7.8 Excavations and Placement of Fill (Earthworks) [PDF, 208 KB] 
    7.9 Transport Network (204 KB)
    7.10 Financial Contributions (207 KB)
Section 8 District Wide Performance Standards for Development and Subdivision [PDF, 145 KB]
    8.1 Background [PDF, 109 KB]
    8.2 Design and Location of Buildings (241 KB)
    8.2A Buildings, Structures, Subdivision and Earthworks Within a High Voltage Transmission Corridor (215 KB) 
    8.3 Amenity Matters (448 KB)
    8.4 Vehicle Parking, Loading and Access [PDF, 740 KB] 
    8.5 Infrastructure and Services (272 KB)
    8.6 Section 8 - Appendices (3.93 MB)
Section 9 Subdivision [PDF, 317 KB] 

Printed Copies and CDs

To purchase a copy of the Hauraki District Plan you may call into one of our Council Offices or contact 

The cost for purchasing the Hauraki District Plan is –

Printed Copy
Text – printed $120.00
Maps – printed $70.00

Postage $10.00

CD $20.00 (postage included)

The cost of purchasing other related documents -

Printed copy of Section 32 Report - $25.00 (per copy)
Printed copy of HDC Engineering Manual - $15.00 (per copy)
Postage $10.00