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Schedule of Historic Heritage Inventory

The following Schedule of Historic Heritage Inventory lists the heritage items by categories and sets out some key information on the item, including an individual identification reference number (eg. HAU002), which is used to identify the location of the item on the planning maps. More details on the items are recorded on the individual heritage inventory sheets prepared for each item and can be viewed online below or at Council offices.

Schedule of Historic Heritage Inventory - Category A Heritage Features


Map No.   Description  Location  Category Heritage Type

HAU001pdf.gif [PDF, 269 KB]

K4, K7 Martha Mine No.5 Shaft Pumphouse, Martha Hill, Waihi Seddon St, Waihi A Building; Historic Place; Archaeological Site
HAU002pdf.gif [PDF, 193 KB] H1

Karangahake School

Armstrong Street, (School Road), Karangahake A Building; Historic Place 
HAU003pdf.gif [PDF, 203 KB]  K4

Union Hill Cyanide Tanks, Waihi

Union Hill, Barry Rd, Waihi A Structure; Historic Place; Archaeological Site 
HAU004pdf.gif [PDF, 360 KB]  G4, G7

Band Rotunda, Paeroa Domain

Paeroa Domain, Arney St, Paeroa A Structure; Historic Place
HAU006pdf.gif [PDF, 242 KB]  K4, K7

St John's Church and Lych gate (Anglican), Waihi

Corner Seddon and Gilmour Sts, Waihi A Building; Historic Place
HAU007pdf.gif [PDF, 201 KB] K3, K7

St James' Church (Presbyterian), Waihi

Moresby Avenue, Waihi  A Building; Historic Place 
HAU008pdf.gif [PDF, 150 KB] K3, K7

Rob Roy Hotel, Waihi

 Cnr Seddon St and Rosemont Rd, Waihi A   Building; Historic Place
HAU009pdf.gif [PDF, 175 KB] K3, K7

Victorian Hall (Art Market), Waihi

65 Seddon St, Waihi  A  Building; Historic Place
HAU012pdf.gif [PDF, 236 KB] H3

Victoria Battery Powerhouse, Waikino

Victoria Battery Site ruins, Pukekauri Rd, Waikino  A  Building; Historic Place; Archaeological Site 
HAU013pdf.gif [PDF, 231 KB] H3

Waikino School of Mines

 Old Waitekauri Rd, Waikino A  Building; Historic Place; Archaeological Site 

HAU014pdf.gif [PDF, 279 KB]

G3, G7 Paeroa Post Office Building (Paeroa Post Office and Council Office) Cnr Normanby Rd & Princes St, Paeroa A Building; Historic Place
HAU015pdf.gif [PDF, 144 KB] G3, G7

Royal Mail Hotel (former) (Paeroa RSA Club)

67-69 Belmont Rd (Cnr Belmont Rd & Wharf St, Paeroa) A Building; Historic Place
HAU017pdf.gif [PDF, 154 KB] K3, K7

Technical School and Portable Extensible Classrooms (former) (Waihi Gold Mining Museum and Art Gallery)

54 Kenny St, Waihi A Building; Historic Place
HAU018pdf.gif [PDF, 224 KB] K3

Waihi Hospital

16 Toomey St, Waihi A Building; Historic Place
HAU019pdf.gif [PDF, 237 KB] K5

Waihi Railway Station (including station platform and tracks adjacent to platform)

Wrigley St, Waihi A Building; Historic Place 
HAU021pdf.gif [PDF, 334 KB] H1

Crown Battery Site Ruins, Karangahake Gorge

Crown Hill Road, Karangahake  A Structure; Historic Place; Archaeological Site 
HAU022pdf.gif [PDF, 199 KB] H3

Victoria Battery Cyanide Tank Holders, Waikino

Pukekauri Rd, Waihi A Structure; Historic Place; Archaeological Site
HAU023pdf.gif [PDF, 170 KB] 7

Kopu Bridge (1928 Bridge)

State Highway 25, Orongo A Structure; Historic Place
HAU024pdf.gif [PDF, 244 KB] K3, K7

Waihi Courthouse

61 Kenny St, Waihi A Building; Historic Place
HAU026pdf.gif [PDF, 266 KB] 29

Woodstock Pumphouse

Waitawheta Gorge, Karangahake A Structure; Historic Place; Archaeological Site
HAU027pdf.gif [PDF, 240 KB] G5

Waihi-Paeroa Gold Extraction Co. Site, Paeroa

Mill Road, Paeroa A Structure; Historic Place
HAU033pdf.gif [PDF, 189 KB] G1

Thorp Stone Cairn

Puke Rd North (SH2), Paeroa  A Monument 
HAU035pdf.gif [PDF, 256 KB] G3, G7

Paeroa Hotel

Belmont Rd/ SH2, Paeroa Building 
HAU036pdf.gif [PDF, 209 KB] G4, G7

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Paeroa

Cnr Mackay St & Willoughby St, Paeroa  A Building 
HAU039pdf.gif [PDF, 535 KB] G3, G7

BNZ Building (former), Paeroa (Nick Hoogeveen & Associates Accountants Office)

Cnr Normanby Rd & Wharf St, Paeroa  A Building 
HAU040pdf.gif [PDF, 142 KB]  G4, G7

Masonic Hall, Paeroa

9 Willoughby Street, Paeroa  A Building 
HAU041pdf.gif [PDF, 147 KB]  G6, G7

Lemon & Paeroa Bottle

Ohinemuri Reserve, Paeroa  A Monument 
HAU044pdf.gif [PDF, 159 KB]  H3

Paeroa Railway Station Building (former), Waikino Railway Station

SH2, Waikino  A Building 
HAU045pdf.gif [PDF, 241 KB]  H3

Waikino Tavern

SH2, Waikino  A Building 
HAU046pdf.gif [PDF, 154 KB]  H3 

Victoria Battery Manager's House, Waikino

15 Banks Lane, Waikino  A Building 
HAU055pdf.gif [PDF, 110 KB]  K3, K7

BNZ Building , Waihi Library (former)

Seddon St, Waihi  A Building 
HAU068 [PDF, 353 KB]pdf.gif F1

Benny Family Memorial, Kaihere

Cnr State Highway 27 & Kaihere Road, Kaihere  A Structure 
HAU071 [PDF, 236 KB]pdf.gif  F1

Kaihere Community Hall and Pavilion

State Highway 27, Kaihere (Kaihere School)  A Group of Buildings 
HAU072 [PDF, 250 KB]pdf.gif F1

War Memorial, Kaihere

Kaihere School, State Highway 27, Kaihere A Monument
HAU092 [PDF, 114 KB]pdf.gif K3, K7

Commercial Hotel, Waihi

Seddon St, Waihi  A Building 
HAU096 [PDF, 111 KB]pdf.gif K3, K7

Dean's Building, Waihi

Cnr School Lane & Seddon St, Waihi  Building
HAU111 [PDF, 111 KB]pdf.gif 24

Youngman's Homestead, Waitekauri

Waitekauri Rd, Waitekauri (opposite twin bridges)  Building
HAU116 [PDF, 171 KB]pdf.gif G4, G7

Cenotaph and Boer War Memorial, Paeroa

Primrose Hill, Paeroa  Monument 
HAU119 [PDF, 177 KB]pdf.gif 16

Captain Cook Memorial, Netherton

Cnr Hauraki Rd & State Highway 2, Netherton  Monument 
HAU160 [PDF, 84 KB]pdf.gif 6

Miller Homestead, Kopuarahi

1933 State Highway 25, Kopuarahi  Building 
HAU171 [PDF, 209 KB]pdf.gif B

Bagnall Memorial, Turua

Hauraki Road adjacent to community hall, Turua  Monument 
HAU177 [PDF, 165 KB]pdf.gif A

General Store, Waitakaruru (The Country Store)

 6 Front Miranda Rd, Waitakaruru Building 
HAU179 [PDF, 221 KB]pdf.gif H1

Talisman Battery and Power House

Karangahake Gorge Historic Walkway, Karangahake  Structure; Archaeological Site
HAU195 [PDF, 383 KB]pdf.gif G3, G7

Ohinemuri County Council building (former) (Hauraki Maori Trust Board office)

Belmont Road, Paeroa  Building
HAU243 [PDF, 278 KB]pdf.gif H1, H2

Railway Tunnel, Karangahake

 Karangahake Walkway Structure
HAU258 [PDF, 458 KB]pdf.gif K5

Ohinemuri (Masonry) Dam, Waihi

 Ohinemuri River, near the confluence with Waitete Stream Structure; Archaeological Site 
HAU276 [PDF, 133 KB]pdf.gif 25

Black Rock Milking Shed, Waihi

SH25 (Oldfield Rd)/ Corbett Rd corner A Structure



Schedule of Historic Heritage Inventory - Category B Heritage Features


Map No.   Description  Location  Category Heritage Type

HAU005 [PDF, 172 KB] pdf.gif


Waitekauri Post Office Building (former) (Maritime Museum Building)

State Highway 2, Paeroa, south of Hubbards Rd B Building
HAU011pdf.gif [PDF, 193 KB] H1

Bridge to Crown Battery Site, Karangahake

Crown Hill Road, Karangahake B Structure; Historic Place; Archaeological Site
HAU016pdf.gif [PDF, 124 KB] K3, K7

Box Cottage Store (former) (Ti Tree Café)

14 Haszard St, Waihi B Building; Historic Place
HAU020pdf.gif [PDF, 700 KB] K5

Waihi Railway Station Sheds (WW570 & WW390, Gent’s Toilet and Goods Shed)

Maddocks St, Waihi B Group of Buildings; Historic Place
HAU028 [PDF, 168 KB]pdf.gif 10

Eastdown Homestead

5109 Orchard East Road, State Highway 2, Ngatea B Building
HAU031pdf.gif [PDF, 173 KB] C

Ngatea Butter Factory

21 River Road, Ngatea B Building
HAU034 [PDF, 166 KB]pdf.gif G4, G7

Paeroa Hospital (former)

7 King Street, Paeroa B Building
HAU037pdf.gif [PDF, 232 KB] G4, G7

Croquet Pavilion, Paeroa Domain

Paeroa Domain, King St, Paeroa B Building
HAU038pdf.gif [PDF, 211 KB] G3, G7

Band Rotunda, Railway Reserve, Paeroa

Belmont Road, Paeroa B Monument
HAU043pdf.gif [PDF, 201 KB] H1

Mine Manager's House, Mackaytown

Woodstock Avenue, Mackaytown B Building
HAU047pdf.gif [PDF, 144 KB] K4

Colonial Home - former Mine Manager's House, Waihi

48 Barry Road, Waihi B Building
HAU048pdf.gif [PDF, 204 KB]  K4

Colonial Home - former Mine Manager's House, Waihi

58 Barry Road, Waihi  B Building 
HAU049pdf.gif [PDF, 217 KB]  K4

Colonial Home - former Mine Manager's House, Waihi

57 Barry Road, Waihi  B Building 
HAU052pdf.gif [PDF, 148 KB]  K4, K7

Miner's Cottage (former)

91 Kenny Street, Waihi  B Building 
HAU053pdf.gif [PDF, 176 KB] K4, K7

Miner's Cottage (former)

95 Kenny Street, Waihi B Building
HAU054pdf.gif [PDF, 157 KB] K4, K7

Miner's Cottage (former)

93 Kenny Street, Waihi B Building
HAU056pdf.gif [PDF, 293 KB] K6, K7

Miner's Cottage (former)

7 Silverton Road, Waihi  B Building 
HAU058pdf.gif [PDF, 152 KB] F2

Patetonga Hall

57 Otane Street, Patetonga  B Building 
HAU059 [PDF, 297 KB]pdf.gif F2

Patetonga Memorial Church

56 Otane Street, Patetonga  B Building 
HAU074pdf.gif [PDF, 305 KB] K4

Grand Junction Battery, Powerhouse and Refinery, Waihi

Martha Hill, Waihi  B Structure 
HAU080pdf.gif [PDF, 288 KB] K5

South School Building (former) (Waihi Playcentre)

Consols St, Waihi  B Building 
HAU082pdf.gif [PDF, 351 KB]  K6 Riverbank Terrace Villa, Waihi  5 Riverbank Tce  B Building 
HAU086pdf.gif [PDF, 899 KB] K5

Railway Houses and Station Master’s House, Waihi

Wrigley Street, near Railway Station, Waihi and 20 Victoria Street, Waihi  B Group of Buildings
HAU089pdf.gif [PDF, 277 KB]  K3

Morgan House, Waihi

Cnr Waitete Rd and Rata St, Waihi  B Building 
HAU091pdf.gif [PDF, 233 KB] K3, K7

PYE Factory, Waihi

Cnr Moresby Ave and Martha St, Waihi B Building
HAU093pdf.gif [PDF, 143 KB] K3, K7

Kings Theatre (former), Waihi

Haszard St, Waihi B Building
HAU097pdf.gif [PDF, 149 KB] K3, K7

Waihi Borough Council Chambers & Public Library (former) (Chambers Restaurant, Waihi )

Haszard St, Waihi B Building
HAU099pdf.gif [PDF, 318 KB] K3, K7

Golden Cross Hotel, Waihi

Cnr Rosemont Rd and Kenny St, Waihi B Building
HAU100pdf.gif [PDF, 143 KB] K3, K7

Masonic Lodge, Waihi

Kenny St, Waihi B Building
HAU101pdf.gif [PDF, 185 KB] K3, K7

Methodist Church (former), Waihi (Assembly of God)

Haszard, St, Waihi  B Building
HAU102 [PDF, 153 KB]pdf.gif K3, K7 

McLeay's Boot Store (McLeay's Shoe Store)

Seddon St, Waihi  B Building 
HAU103 [PDF, 151 KB]pdf.gif K3, K4, K7

Sterling Hotel, Waihi

Seddon St, Waihi  B Building 
HAU113 [PDF, 150 KB]pdf.gif K4

Union Hill Ore Kilns, Waihi

Union Hill, Waihi  B Structure 
HAU114 [PDF, 340 KB]pdf.gif G3, G7

Aurora (Regent) Theatre (former), Paeroa

Normanby Road, Paeroa  B Building 
HAU121 [PDF, 140 KB]pdf.gif A

Waitakaruru Post Office

Miranda Road, Waitakaruru  B Building 
HAU127 [PDF, 198 KB]pdf.gif G5

Paeroa College Pavilion & adjacent block

Te Aroha Road, Paeroa  B Group of Buildings 
HAU129 [PDF, 323 KB]pdf.gif G6

Thames Valley Co-op Dairy Factory (former), Paeroa (Agrisea Factory & Shop)

Fraser Street, Paeroa  B Building 
HAU135 [PDF, 171 KB]pdf.gif G3, G7

Fire Station Bell, Paeroa

Willoughby Street, Paeroa  Monument 
HAU136 [PDF, 191 KB]pdf.gif G3

National Bank Gold Refinery, Paeroa

Willoughby Street, Paeroa  Building 
HAU138 [PDF, 132 KB]pdf.gif G3, G7

Centennial Library (former), Paeroa (Paeroa & District Museum)

37 Belmont Road, Paeroa  Building 
HAU156 [PDF, 217 KB] [PDF, 132 KB]pdf.gif G6

Grave of James Mackay Esq, Paeroa

Pukerimu Cemetery, Paeroa  Monument 
HAU158 [PDF, 275 KB]pdf.gif 16

Netherton Dairy Factory

6329 State Highway 2, Netherton  Building 
HAU159 [PDF, 145 KB] pdf.gif 6

Kopuarahi Dairy Factory (former) (Kopuarahi Community Centre) )

1819 State Highway 25, Kopuarahi Building 
HAU161 [PDF, 125 KB] pdf.gif F2

Plummer Homestead, Patetonga

258 Top Road, Patetonga  Building 
HAU168 [PDF, 142 KB] pdf.gif C

Ngatea Post Office (former)

12 Orchard Road West, Ngatea  Building 
HAU169 [PDF, 232 KB] pdf.gif 6

Pipiroa Store, Plains (former)

1492 State Highway 25, Pipiroa  Group of Buildings 
HAU172 [PDF, 145 KB] pdf.gif B

Turua Memorial Hall

Cnr Hauraki Rd & Matai St, Turua Building 
HAU175 [PDF, 275 KB] pdf.gif A

Waitakaruru School

Cnr Canal West Rd & SH25, Waitakaruru B Group of Buildings; Monument
HAU176 [PDF, 301 KB] pdf.gif A

NZ Co-op Cheese Factory (former), Waitakaruru

15 Canal East Rd (Cnr SH25 & Canal East Rd), Waitakaruru B Building
HAU189 [PDF, 169 KB] pdf.gif B

Church of the Holy Trinity (former), Turua

9 Matai Street, Turua B Building
HAU198 [PDF, 164 KB] pdf.gif G6

Paeroa Courthouse

Willoughby St, near B Building
HAU209 [PDF, 126 KB] pdf.gif G5, G7

Paeroa Borough Council offices (former) (Paeroa Society of Arts)

Normanby Road, Paeroa  B Building 
HAU212 [PDF, 267 KB] pdf.gif G6

Saint John's Maori Anglican Church

39 Rotokohu Road, Paeroa B Building 
HAU218 [PDF, 142 KB] pdf.gif 22

Netherton Hall

State Highway 2, Netherton B Building 
HAU266 [PDF, 150 KB] pdf.gif H3

Victoria Hall, Waikino

SH2, Waikino  B Building 
HAU275 [PDF, 161 KB] pdf.gif K5, K6

Rail Overbridge Supports, Waihi

Victoria Street & Station Rd  B Structure; Archaeological Site 
HAU300 [PDF, 618 KB] pdf.gif H1

Woodstock Battery

Confluence of Waitawheta & Ohinemuri Rivers  B Structure; Historic Place;
Archaeological Site 
HAU444 [PDF, 180 KB] pdf.gif 17

Alley Memorial Park Gates

Alley Memorial Road (off State Highway 26), Hikutaia  B Structure 
HAU448 [PDF, 173 KB] pdf.gif B

Villa, 14 Waihou Street, Turua

14 Waihou Street, Turua B Building 


Schedule of Historic Heritage Inventory - Category C Heritage Features 
Item Map No.


Location Category Heritage Type
HAU030 [PDF, 165 KB] pdf.gif B St Patrick's Catholic Church (former), Turua 17 Hauraki Road, Turua C Building
HAU060 [PDF, 191 KB] pdf.gif F2 Patetonga Domain Gates and Wall Top Road, Patetonga  C Other 
HAU062 pdf.gif [PDF, 202 KB] F2 Post Office Exchange (former), Patetonga, (Telephone Exchange) Otane Road, Patetonga C Building
HAU063 pdf.gif [PDF, 120 KB] F2 General Store (former) Patetonga 1696 State Highway 27 (Cnr Otane Rd & State Highway 27), Patetonga C Building
HAU064 pdf.gif [PDF, 135 KB] 21 Patetonga Landing - earth ramp and tram line Tramline Road, Patetonga C Structure
HAU067 pdf.gif [PDF, 155 KB] F1 Teacher's Residence (former), Kaihere 18 Ohinewai Road, Kaihere C Building
HAU069 pdf.gif [PDF, 270 KB] F1 Kaihere Store (former) 1563 Kaihere Road, Kaihere C Building
HAU070 pdf.gif [PDF, 183 KB] F1 Kaihere Butchery (former) 1563 Kaihere Road, Kaihere C Building
HAU075 pdf.gif [PDF, 93 KB] 25, K2 Waihi Rifle Range Mataura Rd, Waihi C Other
HAU077 pdf.gif [PDF, 372 KB] 31 Ford Road Cheese Factory (former), Waimata Ford Road, Waimata C Building
HAU083 pdf.gif [PDF, 181 KB] K6 Cycle Track (former), Waihi Council land near Coronation Bridge C Other
HAU084 pdf.gif [PDF, 81 KB] K3 Bullock Master's House site, Waihi Waitete Rd, Waihi C Other
HAU087 pdf.gif [PDF, 187 KB] 19 Mataora Bay School (former) Mataora Bay C Group of Buildings
HAU090 pdf.gif [PDF, 249 KB] K3, K7 Central School, Waihi Moresby Ave, Waihi C Group of Buildings

HAU094 pdf.gif [PDF, 110 KB]

K3, K7 Forrester's Hall, Waihi 9 Haszard St, Waihi C Building

HAU095 pdf.gif [PDF, 215 KB]

K3, K7 Waihi Memorial Hall Site Seddon St, Waihi C Building

HAU107 pdf.gif [PDF, 357 KB]

25, K4 Morgan Park, Waihi and Speaks Quarry Cnr Kenny and Clarke Sts, Waihi C Other

HAU108 pdf.gif [PDF, 228 KB]

H3 Kinsella's House, Waikino 3 Bush St, Waikino C Building

HAU109 pdf.gif [PDF, 304 KB]

H3 Queen Street Villa, Waikino Cnr Queen St & Abbott Rd, Waikino C Building

HAU110  pdf.gif [PDF, 82 KB]

24 Twin Bridges, Waitekauri Waitekauri Rd, Waitekauri C Structure

HAU112 pdf.gif [PDF, 102 KB]

H3 Bray's House, Waikino 64 Old Waitekauri Rd, Waikino C Building

HAU115 pdf.gif [PDF, 208 KB]

G3, G7 Brenan's Blacksmith, Paeroa (accessory building) Marshall Street, Paeroa C Building

HAU122 pdf.gif [PDF, 160 KB]

8 West Water Supply Dam Waitakaruru C Structure

HAU123 pdf.gif [PDF, 226 KB]

K3, K7 Miner's Cottage (former) 3 Haszard Street, Waihi Building

HAU132  pdf.gif [PDF, 212 KB]

G6, G7  St Paul's Anglican Church, Paeroa Willoughby Street, Paeroa Building

HAU139 pdf.gif [PDF, 151 KB]

G3, G7  Fleming & Sons Ltd Engineering Factory (former), Paeroa Wharf Street, Paeroa Building

HAU147 pdf.gif [PDF, 224 KB]

G6  Rifle Range (former), Paeroa Range Street, Paeroa Other

HAU149 pdf.gif [PDF, 336 KB]

F1  Inter-denominational Church (former), Kaihere 1547 Kaihere Road, Kaihere Building 

HAU151 pdf.gif [PDF, 131 KB]

D  NZ Co-op Dairy Factory (former), Kerepehi Kerepehi Town Road, Kerepehi Group of Buildings

HAU152  pdf.gif [PDF, 406 KB]

D  Kerepehi School McGowan Avenue, Kerepehi Group of Buildings

 HAU155 pdf.gif [PDF, 152 KB]

D Hauraki Tavern, Kerepehi  5559 State Highway 2 (Cnr SH2 & Wharepoa Rd), Kerepehi  Building

HAU163 pdf.gif [PDF, 177 KB]

C St Pashcal's Catholic Church, Ngatea 56 Pipiroa Road, Ngatea C Building

HAU166 pdf.gif [PDF, 192 KB]

C St Paul's Anglican Church, Ngatea Darlington Street, Ngatea C Building

HAU181 pdf.gif [PDF, 189 KB]

A Two Bridges, Waitakaruru State Highway 25, Waitakaruru C Structure

HAU187 pdf.gif [PDF, 257 KB]

C Ngatea Bridge Replica Orchard Road West, Ngatea Structure; Monument

HAU190 pdf.gif [PDF, 157 KB]

B Turua Post Office (former) Cnr Bagnall Square & Hauraki Rd, Turua Building

HAU191 pdf.gif [PDF, 577 KB]

B Bagnall Bros Factory Complex, Turua Bagnall Square, Turua Group of Buildings

HAU192 pdf.gif [PDF, 183 KB]

B Cheese Factory (former) (The Muddy River Café) Turua Cnr Bagnall Square & Hauraki Rd, Turua Building

HAU193 pdf.gif [PDF, 223 KB]

G6, G7 Paeroa Drill Hall (former) (Baptist Church & Hall), Paeroa Wood Street, Paeroa Group of Buildings

HAU194 pdf.gif [PDF, 168 KB]

C Ngatea Four Square (former) Orchard West Road, Ngatea Building

HAU197 pdf.gif [PDF, 164 KB]

G4, G7 Brick Villa, Paeroa 57 Station Road, Paeroa Building

HAU199 pdf.gif [PDF, 178 KB]

G3  Towers Homestead 30 Towers Street, Paeroa   Building

HAU200  pdf.gif [PDF, 785 KB]

G4  Railway housing (former), Paeroa Seventeen houses in the Aorangi Road, Ainsley Road vicinity, Paeroa  Group of Buildings

HAU201 pdf.gif [PDF, 135 KB]

G1 Wight's House, Paeroa 6919A SH2 opposite Historic Maritime Park, Paeroa C Building

HAU202 pdf.gif [PDF, 164 KB]

G3 Poland Homestead, Paeroa 5 Poland Street, Paeroa C Building

HAU203 pdf.gif [PDF, 187 KB]

G4, G7 Timber Villa 11 Arney Street, Paeroa C Building

HAU205 pdf.gif [PDF, 149 KB]

G3, G7 Doctor Haslett's Residence & Surgery (former) 1 Station Road (cnr Station Rd & Belmont Rd) Paeroa C Building

HAU207 pdf.gif [PDF, 212 KB]

 4 Miranda Hot Pools  595 Front Miranda Road, Miranda  C Building

HAU211 pdf.gif [PDF, 232 KB]

22 Netherton School 7 School Road, Netherton C Group of Buildings

HAU214 pdf.gif [PDF, 173 KB]

G6, G7 Karangahake Methodist Church (former), Paeroa (Funeral Directors) Cnr Arney St & Willoughby St, Paeroa C Building

HAU215 pdf.gif [PDF, 188 KB]

G5 Former Mill Building, Paeroa SH26, Paeroa C Building

HAU216 pdf.gif [PDF, 184 KB]

29 Woolshed, Paeroa 604 Rotokohu Road, Paeroa C Building

HAU220 pdf.gif [PDF, 148 KB]

D St Peters Anglican Church (former), Kerepehi 2 Rimu Street (Cnr Kerepehi Town Rd & Rimu St Nth), Kerepehi C Building

HAU223 pdf.gif [PDF, 265 KB]

G5, G6 Rawhitiroa Reserve, Paeroa SH26 (Te Aroha Road-adjacent to Paeroa College), Paeroa C Cultural Landscape

HAU224 pdf.gif [PDF, 324 KB]

G6 St Mary's Catholic Church (site), Paeroa Waihi Road, Paeroa C Building

HAU225 pdf.gif [PDF, 168 KB]

G6 Thames Valley Co-op Manager's Office (former), Paeroa 16 Fraser Street, Paeroa C Building

HAU227 pdf.gif [PDF, 120 KB]

G6 Talisman Mining Co. Office (former), Paeroa State Highway 2, Paeroa C Building

HAU229 pdf.gif [PDF, 86 KB]

29 Ohinemuri Cave, Paeroa SH2, Turner’s Hill, Paeroa Waahi tapu

HAU230 pdf.gif [PDF, 350 KB]

H2 Tank Stops, Karangahake Gorge SH2 (main gorge road) & Rahu Rd (100m up from highway, eastern end) Structure

HAU232 pdf.gif [PDF, 774 KB]

31, K6 Waimata Water Race System Various. Waimata Race – Waimata Cascades to Silverton/Union Battery Structure

HAU233 pdf.gif [PDF, 83 KB]

30, 31, 34,
H3, K5, K6
Main Trunk Railway Line (remains), Waihi Waihi Structure

HAU235 pdf.gif [PDF, 218 KB]

H2 Second Woodstock (Talisman) Dam, Karangahake Karangahake Walkway, downstream of Eastern Rail portal Structure

HAU239 pdf.gif [PDF, 86 KB]

H1 Hauraki Stream Dam, Scotsman Gully Karangahake Walkway Structure

HAU240 pdf.gif [PDF, 83 KB]

H1 First Woodstock Dam, Ohinemuri River Karangahake Walkway C Structure

HAU241 pdf.gif [PDF, 305 KB]

29 Talisman Mine No. 8 Level, Karangahake Karangahake Walkway, up Crown Hill Road about 300metres beyond where the road forks Cultural Landscape; Structure; Archaeological Site

HAU245 pdf.gif [PDF, 427 KB]

K4 Gladstone Battery, Waihi Between Union Hill and Gladstone Hill, Waihi C Other

HAU246 pdf.gif [PDF, 395 KB]

24 Walmsley Municipal Water Supply Reservoir Rd, Waihi C Structure

HAU249 pdf.gif [PDF, 86 KB]

K4 Union Battery Tramway, Waihi Union Hill to Silverton Rd, Waihi Structure

HAU251 pdf.gif [PDF, 211 KB]

K3, K7 Thomas & Olphert's Timber & Joinery, Waihi Kenny St, Waihi Building

HAU253 pdf.gif [PDF, 81 KB]

29 Cherry's Battery, Waitawheta Waitawheta Gorge Structure

HAU255 pdf.gif [PDF, 204 KB]

K4 Grand Junction Boiler Feeder Dam Richmal St extension, Waihi Structure

HAU259 pdf.gif [PDF, 147 KB]

H2 Owharoa Stream Historic Area On land between old railway line walking track and Ohinemuri River Cultural

HAU260 pdf.gif [PDF, 227 KB]

H2, H3 Owharoa Historic Mining Area SH2 between Waikino and Karangahake Cultural Landscape;
Archaeological Site

HAU261 pdf.gif [PDF, 97 KB]

29 Waitawheta Water Supply Waitawheta River at Dickey’s Flat Structure

HAU262 pdf.gif [PDF, 79 KB]

H3 Waihi Gold Mining Company Quarry, Waikino True left bank of Ohinemuri River, opposite confluence with Waitekauri River Structure

HAU264 pdf.gif [PDF, 621 KB]

30, H3, K3,
K4, K5, K6, 

Waihi Gold Mining Company - Tramways 1. Martha to Victoria Battery 2. Martha to Silverton/Union Battery Structure

HAU265 pdf.gif [PDF, 437 KB]

24, 25, K2 Walmsley Quarry and Tramway Reservoir Rd, Walmsley Valley C Structure

HAU267 pdf.gif [PDF, 84 KB]

24 Waikino Municipal Supply Dam Mangakara Stream, Farrelly Rd, Waikino C Structure

HAU272 pdf.gif [PDF, 105 KB]

K3, K7 Miner's Cottage (former) 7 Haszard Street, Waihi C Building

HAU273 pdf.gif [PDF, 148 KB]

K4 Transitional Bungalow 2 Stafford Street, Waihi C Building

HAU277 pdf.gif [PDF, 246 KB]

K3 Grand Junction Mine Manager's House, Waihi (former) Symond St, Waihi C Building

HAU279 pdf.gif [PDF, 80 KB]

24 Waitete Quarry, Waihi Waitete Rd, Waihi C Other

HAU409 pdf.gif [PDF, 247 KB]

C Leonard Homestead 119 River Road, Ngatea C Building

HAU416 pdf.gif [PDF, 115 KB]

C Pinnock House, Ngatea 10 Paul Drive, Ngatea C Building

HAU424 pdf.gif [PDF, 178 KB]

C Hauraki Plains Health Centre Cnr Dent & Ranui Sts C Building

HAU425 pdf.gif [PDF, 264 KB]

G6 Seven Oaks, Thorp House - Homestead, Rotokohu Road, Paeroa 105 Rotokohu Road C Building

HAU426 pdf.gif [PDF, 177 KB]

23 Oaklands Thorp House - Homestead, Rotokohu Road, Paeroa 123 Rotokohu Road C Building

HAU428 pdf.gif [PDF, 173 KB]

D Kerepehi Power Substation Kerepehi Town Road, Kerepehi C Building

HAU431 pdf.gif [PDF, 236 KB]

K3, K5 Villa, 8 Kenny Street, Waihi 8 Kenny Street, Waihi C Building

HAU436 pdf.gif [PDF, 181 KB]

K3 Villa, 18 Kenny Street, Waihi 18 Kenny Street, Waihi C Building

HAU437 pdf.gif [PDF, 268 KB]

K3, K7 Villa, 24 Kenny Street, Waihi 24 Kenny Street, Waihi C Building

HAU443 pdf.gif [PDF, 125 KB]

K3, K7 Villa, 21 Kenny Street, Waihi 21 Kenny Street, Waihi C Building

HAU445 pdf.gif [PDF, 478 KB]

K4 Battery Manager’s House, Waihi 10 Baker Street, Waihi C Building; Historic Place

HAU446 pdf.gif [PDF, 347 KB]

K3, K7 Horse Hitching Ring, Waihi Street edge near the corner of Seddon Street and Rosemont Road, Waihi C Other

HAU447 pdf.gif [PDF, 753 KB]

H3 Waitekauri River Railway Bridge No 8, Waikino East of the Waikino Railway Station C Structure; Historic Place

HAU449 pdf.gif [PDF, 149 KB]

K4, K7 Waihi Poppet Head Replica Seddon Street, Waihi C Structure; Monument
Schedule of Historic Heritage Inventory - Category A Heritage Areas
Item Map No.   Description  Location  Category Heritage Type
HAU010 [PDF, 303 KB] pdf.gif  H3 Victoria Battery Foundations, Waikino  Victoria Battery Ruins site, Pukekauri Rd, Waikino  A Cultural Landscape; 
Historic Place; 
Archaeological Site
HAU025 [PDF, 378 KB] pdf.gif K5 Waihi Railway Station Historic Area (includes all buildings and structures listed on the Inventory Sheet) Wrigley St, Waihi  Group of Buildings; 
Historic Place
HAU165 [PDF, 160 KB] pdf.gif G6 Old part of Pukerimu Cemetery, Paeroa SH2, 2kms east of Paeroa A Other
HAU248 [PDF, 248 KB] pdf.gif K6 Silverton Battery, Waihi End of Silverton Rd, Waihi A Structure; Archaeological 
HAU450 [PDF, 359 KB] pdf.gif 29, 30, H1, H2 Karangahake Gorge Historic Area (adjoining Rivers) Near the confluence of the Ohinemuri and Waitawheta Rivers, Karangahake A Cultural Landscape
HAU451 [PDF, 359 KB] pdf.gif 29, H1, H2 Karangahake Gorge Historic Area (balance area) Near the confluence of the Ohinemuri and Waitawheta Rivers, Karangahake Cultural Landscape

Schedule of Historic Heritage Inventory - Category B Heritage Areas

Item Map No.   Description  Location  Category Heritage Type
HAU076 [PDF, 151 KB] pdf.gif K5, 30 Waihi Paeroa Gold Extraction Company Dredging Plant Site, Waihi Confluence of Ohinemuri River and Waitete Stream, near Lawrence Rd, Waihi  B Structure; 
Archaeological Site
HAU124 [PDF, 144 KB] pdf.gif 17, 18, 23, 24 Golden Cross Historic Area  Golden Cross Road, Golden Cross B Cultural Landscape
HAU134 [PDF, 347 KB] pdf.gif G3, G4, G7 Paeroa Domain Willoughby Street, Paeroa B Cultural Landscape
HAU157 [PDF, 215 KB] pdf.gif D Kerepehi War Memorial Domain Kaikahu Road, Kerepehi B Group of Buildings
HAU184 [PDF, 430 KB] pdf.gif A Waitakaruru Domain State Highway 25, Waitakaruru  B Group of Buildings
HAU213 [PDF, 318 KB] pdf.gif 23, G1  Works Depot Site (former), Paeroa (Maritime Park) Puke Road (SH2), Paeroa B Group of Buildings
HAU247 [PDF, 297 KB] pdf.gif K4  Union Hill (Waihi Battery) Historic Area, Waihi  Union Hill, Waihi Cultural Landscape; 
Archaeological Site
HAU268 [PDF, 266 KB] pdf.gif 24 Waitekauri Heritage Area Waitekauri  B Cultural Landscape
HAU271 [PDF, 84 KB] pdf.gif 18 Royal Standard Battery, Wharekirauponga Coromandel State Forest Park, from end of Parakiwai Quarry Road B Structure

Schedule of Historic Heritage Inventory - Areas of Significance to Maori

No individual items are available for this schedule.

Item Map No. Description Location IWI TYPE
HAU302 25 Headland Pa Orokawa Domain Focal Area
HAU303 25 Ridge Pa Orokawa Domain Focal Area
HAU305 22, 23, 29, G1, G3,
G5, G6, G7, H1
Ohinemuri Waahi Tapu Area Ohinemuri River Registered Waahi Tapu
HAU304 B Turua Waahi Tapu Area (includes Turuakainga and Tangikau urupa) Waihou River Registered Waahi Tapu
HAU306 12 Otahu Waahi Tapu Area Otahu Estuary Registered Waahi Tapu
HAU308 22 Urupa (Ngati Hako)  Awaiti Urupa
HAU309 22 Kuratu Urupa (Ngati Hako) Awaiti Urupa
HAU310 29 Rauwharangi Tapu Urupa Rotokohu Road Urupa
HAU311 29 Maori Reservation (Urupa) Te Moananui Flats Road Urupa
HAU312 E Whiritoa Urupa Beach Front - southern end Urupa
HAU313 8 Waitakaruru  Urupa area Back Miranda Road Urupa
HAU314 4 Pt Te Whenua Urupa Back Miranda Road Urupa
HAU315 33 Maungawhio Tapu  Franklin Road Waahi Tapu
HAU316 10 Bush Road Urupa Bush Road Urupa
HAU317 29, 30 Kotangitangi Tapu  Dickey Flat Waahi Tapu
HAU318 23 Urupa and Pa site Komata Urupa
HAU319 29 Tirohia Urupa Tirohia Urupa
HAU320 D Kopuarahi Urupa McGowan Ave, Kerepehi Urupa
HAU321 G6 Taharua Urupa Rotokohu Road, Taharua Marae Urupa
HAU322 30 Waikino Urupa South of Ohinemuri River Urupa
HAU323 29 Tirohia Urupa Rae-O-Te-Papa Urupa
HAU324 28 Tirohia Urupa Rae-O-Te-Papa Urupa
HAU326 19 Whiritoa Urupa South of Whiritoa Urupa
HAU327 23 Paeroa Waahi Tapu East of Aorangi Road Waahi Tapu
HAU328 D Kerepehi Waahi Tapu North of Wharf Street Waahi Tapu
HAU329 D Kerepehi  Urupa South of Old Ferry Road Urupa
HAU330 D Kerepehi  Urupa Behind Scout Hall Waahi Tapu
HAU331 4 Back Miranda Rd  Urupa Back Miranda Road