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Toby Adams  As the number of candidates does not exceed the number of vacancies, Toby ADAMS is duly elected Mayor of Hauraki District Council.

Ward nominations received

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As there are (for each office) more candidates than there are vacancies to be filled, an election will be held between the listed candidates on Saturday, 8 October 2022, under the first past the post electoral system by postal vote.

The following information is extracted from the candidate profile statement of each nominee and will be included with the appropriate voting documents. The list is in alphabetical order by surname. 

Paeroa Ward - Four vacancies

Mike Bennet

My principal place of residence is in the Paeroa Ward area.

I'm Mike Bennett. 61 years of age. Married & have lived in Paeroa for the last 56 years. My wife Helyn has worked @ the Paeroa Medical Centre for the last 25 years. Two daughters & 4 grandies (3 @ university and 1 working on his fathers farm). Helyn and I own a small farm & several houses - hence my vested interest in keeping your rates low. My background is predominantly in the Building Industry, Plumbing, Building & Project Development. I spend a lot of time on my passions - hunting, diving, fast motorbikes and grandchildren and when Im not away 'adventuring', or working on the farm, I build things. I believe in investing not just spending so if you want a voice on council on how your rates are spent - that's me..

Carole Daley

My principal place of residence is in the Paeroa Ward area.

My name is Carole Anne Daley and I am standing for Councillor of the Paeroa Ward of Hauraki District Council.  I have served as a Councillor for the past 6 years, last three as Paeroa Ward Chair. During my time I have held Portfolios for Property, Finance and IT. Currently a serving member of Audit & Risk Committee, Community Housing Working Party Chair, Member of the District Licensing Committee for Alcohol matters. My Personal Attributes: Business experience within New Zealand and Internationally. Shareholder in Family owned business for 34 years. I'm committed and confident to make challenging decisions. My Main Focus is to remember why people voted for me also to be an inclusive member of Council working towards a sustainable future for Paeroa as part of The Hauraki District. This must be done in a cost effective manner for future Developments, while providing a safe caring Community for everyone.

Paul Milner

My principal place of residence is in the Paeroa Ward area.

I have been a Paeroa Ward councillor for the past 18 years. At 40 years old I am the youngest current councillor. I believe I have made a valuable contribution to council through my role as Deputy Mayor the last three years as well as being an active member of many committees and as a Chairperson. The past three years have been very challenging for our communities. Over the next three years there will be many changes our council will need to deal with. A blend of experience and new faces is needed. I would love to be part of that team. I am married to Hannah; we have two daughters, Amelia & Chloe. We work in our family business, Caltex Paeroa, which allows me time away to attend to the busy council meeting schedule. I look forward to working hard for the district if re-elected to a seventh term

Melba Pakinga  

My principal place of residence is in the Paeroa Ward area.

Kia ora, my name is Melba Pakinga from Paeroa. I am a Senior Tertiary Lecturer and Educator who brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills in this field. I am motivated and focused when working on projects and happy to engage with the wider community. I tend to lead by example in order to encourage others. As a new comer to the business community I embrace challenges and the opportunity to build new relationships. I am generally easy going and can interact in most forums. In my spare time I love checking out local Markets.

 Jo Tilsley

My principal place of residence is in the Paeroa Ward area.

Paeroa is home. I've raised my family here. I've been supported, encouraged and showed kindness in ways I could never have imagined and now it's time for me to give back to my community. I believe in servant leadership, equity and equality. Everyone's voice and point of view deserves to be heard and represented. We need to ensure that all decision-making is approached with an open mind, accountability and common sense. The well-being and future of our community and district is paramount and needs to be at the forefront of everything. Making astute financial decisions with community funds is essential. I promise I will always be open, honest and transparent I look forward to representing you for a second term as a Paeroa Ward Councillor Vote Jo Tilsley.

Rino Wilkinson 

My principal place of residence is in the Paeroa Ward area.

Kia ora, my name is Rino Wilkinson, born and bred in Paeroa. Paeroa is home with strong connections. Being the first Maori elected and creating history for HDC makes me feel so proud. Nga Iwi FM is where you'll find me or hear me as the Breakfast show. I have developed and nurtured many key relationships focusing on all the positive things for our community and the wider Hauraki. I'm passionate about Paeroa and more recently honoured to accept the Rotary Paeroa - Paul Harris award. I have volunteered and dedicated many hours to our community in support of events, unfortunately rather quieter recently during COVID. As a second time candidate seeking election, I still see this as a real opportunity to engage more with people really make our community and town a wonderful place to live in.

Plains Ward - Four vacancies
Ray Broad

My principal place of residence is in the Plains Ward area.

I’ve been a strong voice for the residents and communities of the Hauraki Plains as your local Councillor and fought hard for real results for our ward with integrity. Born, bred and living with my family in Ngatea, I have a genuine passion and connection with all the Towns and Communities of the Hauraki Plains. I know this area and I’m dedicated to preserving and enhancing the best of what we have, and to improve our Ward for all Residents and generations to come. My commitment is fair and strong representation, making sure Council is held accountable in its decision-making. There is still more to do and we have challenges ahead, especially Three Waters, I am not afraid to roll up my sleeves and get stuck in. I’ll work alongside our other Councillors to ensure the Hauraki Plains Ward has a strong and effective VOICE represented on Council.

Phillip Buckthought

My principal place of residence is not in the Plains Ward area.

Married to Andrea (38 yrs) We have 3 adult Children aged 36, 34 & 32 and 5 grandchildren. We own our own farming business. Other previous roles: HPC District Councillor 2016-2022; Founding trustee of P3 Trust; Chairman 1400 cow Equity Partnership 2009-2013; School Board of Trustees at Kaiaua and Galatea Primary Schools; Rugby Coaching from 4th Grade to 1st XV at Hauraki Plains College. My second term at Council has included more responsibility, adding to the Land Drainage and Civil Defence Portfolios, the alternate for 3 Waters, Transport and also Council Representative on the Hauraki Gulf Forum. Council must retain as much experience at governance level as possible with regard to outcomes from Governments 3 Waters and Resource Management Reforms. I have a responsibility to utilise my 6 years experience for the benefit of our District and have the time and desire to commit to this role.

Stephen Crooymans

My principal place of residence is in the Plains Ward area.

My name is Stephen Crooymans, I am married to Frances, and we have four adult children. Apart from my early childhood and eight years sharemilking, I have lived and farmed on the Hauraki Plains. We currently own a farm in the Kaiaua-Miranda region, where I am the Chairman of the Taramarie Drainage Committee. I enjoy golf and have served on the Hauraki Golf Club Committee for 25+ years. I also represent the golf club on the Mangatarata Reserve Committee. I am an active member of St Paschal's Catholic Church in Ngatea also having spent 25+ years on the Parish Council and Chairman of the Finance Committee. I am passionate about small rural communities and love being involved. In order to see positive growth, we need to plan for the future. I am not the sort of guy who sends fifty emails a day, but I now what a spade is.

Neil Gray

My principal place of residence is in the Plains Ward area.

Neil Gray B Ag Sci Born and Bred on the Hauraki Plains Married to Glenda, Three adult daughters Previous involvement with Hauraki Plains Rowing, Ngatea Rugby, and Turua Scouts Currently involved with Thames LSAR (20+ years), Haurakian Charitable Trust. I am a fourth generation Dairy Farmer, with our family having farmed at Turua for over 110 years. I am passionate about contributing to create vibrant attractive communities to encourage people to live and work in our region; to provide assets that will benefit future generations. Plains residents currently enjoy facilities and services that have resulted from some forward thinking past councillors and I would hope to continue this legacy. I'm not afraid to stand up and promote what I believe in and be a voice for the residents of the Hauraki Plains




My principal place of residence is in the Plains Ward area.

I am married with 4 children. Two high school aged daughters living at home in Ngatea. I will stand for keeping local assets in local control. I will keep rate increases to a minimum. I have no political affiliations. I have never been a member of a political organisation.

Megan Sargent

My principal place of residence is in the Plains Ward area.

I'm a country girl at heart, attending Matamata College and Massey University. I had marketing and management roles in the roofing and aluminium joinery industries before starting Abe's Bagels, which now runs without me. I moved to Hauraki in 2021 to escape the city and so my son could attend Hauraki Plains College. We love living in this beautiful part of the country. I run commercial beehives and am kaitiaki of a pocket of native bush here in Pukorokoro/Miranda with a dream to create a yoga retreat. To council I'll bring business and governance experience plus a fresh set of eyes and a different perspective. I think strategically and can identify opportunities and make those reality. I'll listen to the community and represent your views fairly and with respect. Together, let's make the Plains a place of opportunity for everyone, and New Zealand's best place to live!

Luke Van Vliet

My principal place of residence is not in the Plains Ward area.

Having the opportunity to represent the Plains Ward is an exciting prospect. I am passionate about community organisations, especially those inclusive of youth, and am involved in multiple committees including the Kerepehi Brass Band, where I am currently President/Chairperson. Being raised with practical hands and going through Hauraki Plains College, where I was privileged to be Head Boy, I have developed a respect for the hard-working farmers and business owners on the Plains. I am enthusiastic about the development of the local economy and working with communities. I will bring a practical and sustainable lens to decision making. I want to ensure that council supports and benefits the lives of our current residents while creating a positive future for generations to come.

Waihi Ward - Five vacancies
Sarah Holmes

My principal place of residence is in the Waihi Ward area.

I was born and raised in Waihi and have spent the past seven years working at the Hauraki District Council as a strategic planner. With over 10 years of local government experience I have a good understanding of councillor responsibilities, and the opportunities and challenges facing local government. As well as being a self-employed parent, I'm the editor of the Waikino Whisper, a trustee of the Hauraki Reuse Centre Trust, and I'm currently seeking re-election to the Waikino School Board. I love our town and the people in it, and I have hope for our future. I think a sense of belonging and pride of place is enormously important. I care about reducing waste through practical changes including rethinking, reusing, recycling, and composting. I'm a direct, honest communicator; unafraid of asking questions. With my logical and real-world approach I will effectively represent the community's interests at the Council table.

Sara Ann Howell

My principal place of residence is in the Waihi Ward area.

I have enjoyed been on Council. Being able to help and support our community. Being a part of making a better and safer community

Josh Martyn

My principal place of residence is in the Waihi Ward area.

Since my childhood in Waihi, I have known that we have a unique and beautiful community which is an amazing place to call home. For 10 years I have been delivering government projects nationally, however a return to my roots in Waihi several years ago has sparked a greater passion for contributing more to my home district. I have extensive governance, project and financial experience, including time working in parliament and leading national teams. Throughout my career I have engaged with ministers, iwi leaders, and national interest groups, and have a keen understanding of the challenges that our council will soon face. I look forward to hearing your priorities for Waihi's future. Some of my areas of interest are road safety, sustainability, and the ease of doing business. I am a small business owner, a keen DIYer, and I know how to get things done. Thank you for your support!

Bhavesh Ranchhod

My principal place of residence is in the Waihi Ward area.

I am born and bred in Waihi, my family having been in the district for several generations. For the last 16 years I have owned and operated my own Chartered Accountancy practice in Waihi. The practice was sold earlier this year to enable me to focus on using my skills to help the Community in which I live. I bring a strong financial background, together with a caring attitude towards the Community. Currently I am a member of the Waihi Community Forum, and have a real passion for helping the local community. I am a past Treasurer of Hetherington House, and have been actively involved with RSA's in the area. Eariler in my career I spent 12 months as a management accountant with Hauraki District Council. My passions are improving community facilities in the area, and making Waihi one of the best places in NZ to live and work.

Austin Rattray

My principal place of residence is in the Waihi Ward area.

I have previously represented Waihi Ward on the Hauraki District Council for 3 years. I am seeking election for a second term. At this time, it is of the utmost importance that local decisions are kept local, open and transparent, ensuring our community has a fair say on its future and direction. With changes to core water services and new mining activities proposed, it is vital that the Waihi and Hauraki communities are loud and clear about their views and expectations when facing these changes. I bring a practical, common sense approach with the experience of sitting on a number of local boards, and being chair of a number of organisations. I also sit as a Commissioner on the Hauraki District Plan committee. Caring for our community, whanau, tamariki and our environment, now and far into the future has to be our collective number one priority.

 Amanda Ryan

My principal place of residence is in the Waihi Ward area.

Kia ora koutou As a proud local Waihi resident for eight years, I am pleased to stand for nomination as a Councillor for the Waihi Ward of Hauraki District Council. I whakapapa to this region, being born in Thames with family living in Waihi and the wider Thames-Coromandel district. I have a wide range of work and leadership experience, from teaching through to management. I have been self-employed for 22 years undertaking roles as: Editor of a rural newspaper, Publisher of a national rural industry magazine, General Manager of not-for-profit Tauranga Jazz Society and Festival Director of the National Jazz Festival. Self-motivated, responsible, effective communicator, a good listener and team player, that's me! I am committed to sustainably managing our resources whilst protecting our environment. I am motivated to ensure fair and equitable outcomes for all residents to ensure we are building a strong resilient community for future generations.

Ann Marie Spicer

My principal place of residence is in the Waihi Ward area.

I have been a Councillor for two terms and really enjoy representing our community and advocating on behalf of the Waihi area treating my role as a full-time job. I'm currently the Waihi Ward Chairperson and Chair Council's economic, social and cultural development committee – Manaaki Toiora. I’m also involved in several working parties at Council and am a trained Hearings Commissioner. I would continue to use the experience and knowledge I’ve gained to represent you as best I can, ensuring your concerns and ideas are heard and getting us through the various reforms coming our way. I'm also very involved in our community and a member of the Waihi Community Forum, Grey Power, the Lions Club of Waihi and co-founder and Chair of Keep Waihi Beautiful. I hope you will reconsider me as your Councillor - I'd love to continue working towards building stronger communities here in the Waihi area.


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* Contact may be made through the deputy electoral officer