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Election Candidates 2016 Hauraki District Council

Mayor (1 Vacancy)

My principal place of residence is in the Hauraki District Council area.

Thank you for supporting me as your Mayor for the past 12 years. While being your elected leader has sometimes been challenging, it is still a pleasure to lead a stable, progressive Council, as well as an effective organisation.

I am committed to creating jobs and bringing new business opportunities to the area. This has been demonstrated through the Hauraki Rail Trail project (economic benefits to the District of more than $3 million last year), the Kerepehi Industrial Park and Council's residential subdivisions. I focus on what is important for economic success - not forgetting the importance of the farming sector.

I will also continue to be a strong advocate for both youth and the elderly, and I will never under-estimate the importance of family and creating a positive community.

Our unique identity requires a fine balance. I am committed to deliver this for current and future residents.

 ConallBuchanan sm

My principal place of residence is in the Hauraki District Council area.

As a 5th generation local raised in our district, university and rugby shaped my youth. Family and community drive me now.

I currently serve on two Regional Government entities, chair a successful school Board of Trustees, sit on two community trusts and my church Council. I'm a member of the NZ Institute of Directors and Rotary.

With my wife Rowena, I used sharemilking to build to our current 1000 cow dairy farming operation. I spent 3 years in Chile leading a company from zero to 100+ staff with 13 farms. I have led the national sharemilkers organisation and served on Fonterra's Shareholder Council.

At 50, I can lead teams and get things done.

Our district is changing and growing! We need to be proactive. A new, fresh, proven leader will help ensure that change is guided to benefit us all, as residents and ratepayers.

For positive change, vote Buchanan.


Paeroa Ward (4 Vacancies)
TobyAdams sm

My principal place of residence is in the Paeroa Ward area.

My name is Toby Adams and I am a local small businessman and as such, feel I have a lot to offer the town of Paeroa and the Hauraki District. My primary reason for running for council again is to continue to do what I can to raise the profile and physical appearance of Paeroa town, and the Hauraki District. I think a 'can do' attitude that fosters new business growth has been a success and I wish to carry on with that momentum that we have started by being elected for another term for the Paeroa ward . I hope you will continue to support me.

RobCooper sm

My principal place of residence is in the Paeroa Ward area.

My Name is Rob Cooper, I am a 37 Years old and a Local in the Hauraki District area.

My Wife and I have 8 Sons in the community and love the Hauraki with Passion. Our Family is heavily involved with Sports and believe there is so much more that needs to be done to support our Community Young and Old for sport facilities.

We started our small business 9 years ago in Hauraki and now is a x17 Store Nationwide Company which has taught a huge amount about building success throughout NZ.

I see a lot of potential in our Community for Local Kiwi Business growth, if I am selected in to Council I hope to work support our current local business's to grow their business and develop pathways for more New Zealand Companies and industry to add to our Community.


CaroleDaley sm
Carole DALEY

My principal place of residence is in the Paeroa Ward area.

In putting my name forward to represent the Paeroa Ward on the Hauraki District Council I offer attributes based on proven business experience and local knowledge. As a long term resident I have a vested interest in the future sustainability of Paeroa as a place to live and work.

My husband and I have three children and 8 grandchildren. George and I with our son own a Trucking Partnership based in Paeroa. My professional history is one of responsibility encompassing Personal Assistant to the Chairman of a large dairy company. Manager of two major exporters based in Paeroa directly receiving official recognition. Served as a Board of Trustee member for Goldfields School Paeroa personally consulting at government level to secure funds to upgrade this unique facility. Supervised the building of two thirds of the Rail Trail in the Hauraki District and served on many voluntary organisations over the years.

GeraldineJacobsen sm
Geraldine JACOBSEN

My principal place of residence is in the Paeroa Ward area.

Are we truly ready for that next 100 years? Do tomorrow's leaders, our children have values of Security, Belonging, Respect and Love? Today's children pick up tomorrow's cart that we leave behind today, let's hope it has wheels or wings who am I kidding it will probably teleport!

A community approach is one way we can maintain those values back to young and old, programs on practical life skills/problem solving, edible gardens, skill sharing programs, epicentre for music, cultural/arts festivals, influential speakers in business, sports etc. A community that feeds its people nutritionally, mentally, emotionally and physically, let's face it united we stand divided we fall, history tells us that.

I moved to Paeroa 1981, worked locally in administration, Caregiving, machinist/Supervisor and then the film industry.

My partner and I have two children I live and work locally.

StephenMikkelsen sm

My principal place of residence is in the Paeroa Ward area.

I've been a Paeroa Lion Club member since 2004 and have been a Justice of the Peace since 2010 serving my community.

I am interested in working with council in the areas of Economical Development, Roading and Library. However I will serve in any area that will help the Paeroa Community and Hauraki District Council.

In my working life I have been employed making Rock walls, Commercial Crayfishing, Roofing and have owned and operated 2 Franchises. I have had 30 years in Insurance from Sales to Branch Manager, now owning and operating Advance Insurance Services Ltd with my wife and son.

I feel with my skill set I can add value as a future councillor for Paeroa and the Hauraki District Council.

PaulMilner sm

My principal place of residence is in the Paeroa Ward area.

I have been a Paeroa Ward councillor for the past 12 years. At 34 years old I am the youngest current councillor. I believe I have made a valuable contribution to council matters through various committees I have been a part of. This includes being the chairman of the District Licencing committee for deciding alcohol applications, a member of the District Plan committee, the Judicial Hearings committee and the Economic Development committee. I have a keen interest in Policy Development. I am married to Hannah and together we work in our family business, Caltex Paeroa, which allows me time away to attend to the busy council meeting schedule. In my free time I enjoy playing soccer, where I have been club captain for 6 years and playing golf as well as running to keep fit. I look forward to working hard for the district if re-elected to a fifth term.

JeanetteSaxby sm
Jeanette SAXBY


My principal place of residence is in the Paeroa Ward area.

Kia ora, Ko Jeanette Saxby toku ingoa and I believe I represent a part of this community. As a 50 year old former teacher I have raised my family of three daughters and now seek a new challenge. I was supported well, through my transition from Christchurch (earthquake refugee) to Auckland and finally here.

I have worked as a teacher, drug and alcohol clinician and owned my own business.

Now I want to use my skills and knowledge to engage the people of this community. I believe in full housing and a clear pathway for all our citizens. I want to see school leavers engaged and trained or supported into education.

I represent the people who are often ignored, unseen and unheard. I want to get voters excited and have been described as organised, positive, flexible and tenacious. I am respectful to all people.

MichaelTansey sm
Michael Paul TANSEY

My principal place of residence is in the Paeroa Ward area.

I have lived in Paeroa for 20 years.

Paeroa is home to Trina (my wife), our 3 boys and I and we love being a part of this community.

I am passionate about Paeroa and its people and wish to offer myself as one of your councillors.

I believe Council should lead our community in three major fields: Youth (leadership), Economic Development (creating jobs) and Support of the Elderly.

I am committed to the challenge of development in these three key areas for Paeroa.

I believe Council needs to be reminded that they work for the people of our District, I feel this is often forgotten. I will always remember who I am representing.

I will continue to support all that is great about Paeroa and will make certain we are well represented at the Council table. this I can and will do on your behalf.

JamesThorp sm

My principal place of residence is in the Paeroa Ward area.

I am a long time resident and sheep and beef farmer of Paeroa I am married and have three adult children. I was educated at Paeroa Central School, Southwell School in Hamilton and Paeroa College. I am an active member of several sports clubs and lions club.

As a current councillor I have a passion for roading, water and drainage, but I am happy to listen to ratepayers negatives and positives on any subject at any time. I take experience and commonsense to the council table.


Waihi Ward (4 Vacancies) 

JohnHoney sm
John Julian HONEY

My principal place of residence is in the Waihi Ward area.

I am a Solo Father of two Teenage Daughters. I was born in Waihi and have lived most of my life here. I am very approachable and keen to make a difference for my community.

Some of my interests are Affordable housing, Employment. I would like to see more Businesses coming to Waihi to give our people employment. A safe environment for everyone to live
in. Safe footpaths, more street lighting. A recycling depot at or near the transfer station with all proceeds being returned to the community. Regular inorganic collections.

PamelaKeall sm

My principal place of residence is in the Waihi Ward area.

My husband and I came to Waihi twenty three years ago to teach at Waihi College. I really enjoyed my time there as Deputy Principal and the chance to meet and work with students (now adults) and parents. Since I retired I have enjoyed carrying on friendships with many of these people and meeting many others through Martha Women (where we raise money for local causes by catering), Waihi Bridge Club, the Anglican Church and the Monday walking group.

Our family of four children and seven grandchildren enjoy coming to Waihi and taking advantage of the many outdoor
activities available.

My three years on Council have been a steep learning curve but also very satisfying. I believe a second term would enable me to make use of the knowledge I have gained to make Waihi an even better place to live.

MaxMcLean sm

My principal place of residence is not in the Waihi Ward area.

Happily married to Shelley for more than forty three years.
More than sixty years association with Waihi and surrounding area.
Secondary School teacher at Waihi College for 37 years. Head of Outdoor Education.
Active member of NZ Land Search and Rescue for 42 years.
Search Advisor for 25 years.
Member of Rotary Club of Waihi for 20 years, most of that time Director of Youth Committee.
Spent last fifteen years developing Dickey Flat Adventure Camp for youth development and environmental enhancement.
Special interest to help develop the Waihi ward area into the best place to live Keen to continue the development of the Hauraki Rail Trail and the development of the Karangahake Gorge and surrounding D.O.C land for Eco tourism.
Proud to be part of Hauraki District Council team of Councillors for the last six years.

NicolaPhillips sm


My principal place of residence is in the Waihi Ward area.

I am a married mother of two school-age children. After practising as a solicitor in New Zealand for three years, and then overseas for fifteen years, I returned to New Zealand with my family in 2014 to live on and manage our farm near Waihi, running sheep and replacement heifers for our dairy farming clients.

I reside in the Waihi Ward and am seeking election to the office of Councillor for the Waihi Ward. I am keen to serve my new community by playing an active role in the development of sound, practical policies that will ensure Waihi and its people and industries continue to prosper. Being new to the district, I hope I can bring a fresh perspective to the Council's business and future planning for the district. I believe I have the relevant experience and skills to make a worthwhile contribution to the Council.


AustinRattray sm

My principal place of residence is in the Waihi Ward area.

As a 26 year old resident and local business owner in the Waihi Ward, I am passionate about our region, its environment, our community and our future.

From early in my life, I have been involved in many community organisations and projects, including 20/20 Vision, Waihi Community Vision (Vice Chairperson) and Go Waihi (Current Chairperson). Through these and other roles, I have been able to participate and watch as Waihi and our region has grown and developed into what it has become today.

Now I feel that Waihi and the Hauraki District is at an important stage of laying the foundations of its future. The Council and local community groups hold the key to this future, and I believe by helping the community, businesses and Council work together we can build a bright and prosperous community for both ourselves and future generations.

DawnSinclair sm


My principal place of residence is in the Waihi Ward area.

Waihi is the community which nurtured and educated me. My mentors showed by action their belief in the saying from each according to ability, to each according to need. I will be proud to represent the Waihi Ward.

My strengths are in health, planning and design. I take the spending of other people's money very seriously. My reputation is for being practical and commonsense and I will ask many 'why' and 'who for' questions when considering issues.

As a daughter of this mining and farming community, I understand why we need to diversify our economy to reduce the impact of a slump in any one industry. Waihi also has many challenges ahead with a rapidly aging population and their need for health services and affordable housing. As your representative I relish the opportunity to influence the successful future of this unique area.

DuncanSmeaton sm

My principal place of residence is in the Waihi Ward area.

I am a dairy farmer in Waihi. Jan and I have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. I served 13 years on the Waihi College BOT and am a long term member of Waihi Lions. Educated in Waihi, I have a Master's degree from Massey University and have always worked in agricultural research and farm advisory work. I have a passion for managing the tension between sustainable industry with economic growth, and environmental protection.

My vision for Waihi is a sustainable, vibrant, caring community with training and job opportunities for young people, thriving businesses, and a safe, supportive environment for the elderly. The attributes I will bring as a District Councillor, if elected, include management and financial planning, proven ability to get things done, good people and communication skills, ability to work in a team, and a good sense of humour.

Anne Marie Spicer sm
Anne Marie SPICER


My principal place of residence is in the Waihi Ward area.

I enjoy being involved in our community! I'm Chairperson of the Waihi Community Forum, involved with the latest 'It's Not OK Waihi' campaign and have been working with community members and Council towards obtaining Ultra-Fast Broadband for our District.

My family and I love living in Hauraki. I own a small advertising agency with my husband, Scott, and as a business owner, I understand the value of being a confident, constructive communicator, with a focus on getting things done.

We've recently lost some experienced Councillors. Now is the time for new, committed Councillors to come through and represent you for many years to come. I'll be available to take your concerns to Council, making sure your needs are heard. As a pragmatic and solutions-driven person, I would look forward to working collaboratively with all community stakeholders so that together we can build a stronger community here in the Waihi Ward!

AshleyTubman sm
Albert Ashley TUBMAN

My principal place of residence is in the Waihi Ward area.

I offer myself again as a candidate for the Waihi Ward of Hauraki District Council.

I have served two terms as a Waihi Ward Councillor and served on various Committees principally Economic Development and Audit and Risk and have participated in other sub Committees as required.

My family have been residents of Waihi for some forty nine years and have been involved in many sporting and cultural activities during that time. I have been self employed as an accountant since 1971.

I previously spent six years as a Waihi Borough Councillor in the 1970s and was involved in many changes that took place in those years. Business took over and I have only been able to return to Local Government since selling my Accountancy Practice.

I have had the honour of being a Justice of the Peace since 1973 and a Marriage Celebrant over recent years.


Plains Ward (4 Vacancies)
PhillipBuckthought sm

My principal place of residence is in the Plains Ward area.

Happily married to Andrea (32 years). I place honesty and integrity above all else.

Besides owning and managing our own farming business, other roles have included Private farm consultancy. Overseer of 800 cow dairy operation 2005 to 2009. Chairman of 1400 cow equity partnership 2009-2013.

I've held various community leadership roles; School Board of Trustees at two primary schools. Rugby Coaching from 4th Grade through to 1st XV at Hauraki Plains College and founding trustee of the P3 Trust.

I'm passionate about the future of the Hauraki region. It's an important time with the Marine Spatial Plan and Healthy Rivers processes happening. Important decisions will be made and it's imperative that your councillors demonstrate strong leadership and informed awareness.

This is a time of unprecedented change. I have the time and desire to commit and if elected, will do my very best for this district I call home.

JasonDavis sm


My principal place of residence is in the Plains Ward area.

I am standing for council as I believe that the Plains are the greatest place to live, work and raise a family in New Zealand. I live in Kaihere with my wonderful wife Farida and three kids. You will find us involved locally in Hockey, Taekwondo, Cricket, Netball and Ballet.

I am a member of Positively Promoting the Plains with responsibility for the Business Network and Beautification. With my background of national success in business including running my own Insurance Brokerage, enables me to ensure that we get the best value for our rates and minimise increases.

My vision is to see that the council continues to invest in the infrastructure of the Plains & Seabird Coast. To assist in extending the cycleway to Ngatea, Turua and Kerepehi, connecting our communities and aiding our economic growth.

Ensure our local halls, signage, parks, roads and footpaths are maintained with graffiti removed.

RossHarris sm

My principal place of residence is in the Plains Ward area.

As a life time resident of Kaihere and recently retired CEO of FVC Veterinary Services after 15 years service, I am very motivated and excited about the prospect of representing the constituents of the Plains Ward and giving back to our rural community.

A family man at heart, I am supported by Cheryl, my wife of 47 years, our three adult children and our twelve grandchildren.

My background of more than thirty five years experience in various businesses and enterprises including farming (on wages, share milking and farm ownership), executive positions within the co-operative dairy industry, formerly Chief Executive of the Thames Valley Rugby Union and of the FVC Veterinary Services Inc has developed management and business skills, which I believe will ensure that the Plains Ward constituents and the residents of greater Council area will be represented with empathy and professionalism.

GillLeonard sm

My principal place of residence is in the Plains Ward area.

I have lived on the Hauraki Plains for over 40 years and am proud to have served my community on many organisations throughout that time. I have been a Justice of the Peace for 14 years and a Councillor for 9 years, the last 6 years as Ward Chair.

In a time when many rural communities are declining in population I believe the Plains to be growing. This growth is inevitable given our geographical position to Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga and the attraction of a safe community to raise a family. It is important that this growth is managed. I therefore support the Council subdivision in Ngatea, the Hauraki Industrial Park in Kerepehi and the Kaiaua to Kopu leg of the Hauraki Rail Trail.

I would like to continue sharing my strengths and experience for another 3 years particularly in the youth, social and economic wellbeings of our Plains communities.

DonSwales sm
Donald Horton SWALES

My principal place of residence is in the Plains Ward area.

I am standing for Council and ask for your support.

Having sold my farm at Kaiaua and settled at Waitakaruru I have the time, experience and enthusiasm to continue to serve as a Plains Ward Councillor.

One of my basic principals is to deliver quality Council services in a timely and cost effective manner, and to keep our expenditure in line with the Long Term Plan.

Among other issues is to complete work now begun to bring Kaiaua into our District Plan as I was involved in preparing the present Franklin Plan.

Our Plains ward has three state highways traversing it, this and our geographic location provide various opportunities for commercial growth to complement our residential development. I want Council to zone an area adjacent to Ngatea as mixed use light industrial to enable business to establish readily without the need to obtain a resource consent.