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Election Sign Applications 

General Elections

Please note that the Electoral (Advertisements of a Specific Kind) Regulations 2005 apply, within 9 weeks of General Election instead of the rules that apply at all other times. If you comply with the Regulations you do not need to apply to Council for consent for your election signs.

View the Electoral Act 1993

To erect an electioneering sign for the general elections, prior to the 9 week period covered by the Electoral (Advertising of a Specified Kind) Regulations 2005, you must first obtain resource consent from Council.  

Local Body Elections

Electioneering signs for the Local Authority (District, City and Regional Council) elections need a resource consent if they are to be erected more than 9 weeks before the Election.

General and Local Body Elections

Specific requirements apply when erecting a sign adjacent to state highways. Find out more about Signs Adjacent to State Highways.


Council Policy on Election Signage

The Council has adopted the following policy for the whole District.

“That general and local body election signs and hoardings be permitted throughout the District subject to the following conditions:

(a) The location of each sign or hoarding shall be individually approved by Council.”  [note - apply for resource consent]

(b) Signs or hoardings shall not exceed 3 square metres in area.

(c) Signs and hoardings visible from roads subject to 70km or 100km speed restrictions shall be sited in accordance with the Council’s Guidelines For Traffic Safety, below.

  (i) Must be at least 300 metres from any major intersection.
 (ii) Must be at least 200 metres from any other intersection.
(iii) Must be at least 50 metres from any road sign (check both sides of the road).
(iv) Must be at least 200 metres from any other road feature which requires full driver attention, e.g. sharp bends.”

(d) Signs and hoardings visible from all other roads shall be located in accordance with sound traffic safety principles and to the approval of Council.

(e) Signs and hoardings shall be located entirely on privately owned land.

(f) Signs and hoardings shall be removed before the date of the election.

A district road map showing the position of each sign would help with condition (a).

Note: (c) and (d) above apply to all election signs, at all times.

Resource Consent Applications

Your Resource Consent Application must be provided to Council on Application for Resource Consent - Form 9 with details of the proposal as listed below.  Application forms are also available from all Council Offices.



Plans of the signs

  • Showing exact proposed location in relation to intersections, other signs, bends in the road etc
  • Plan of the proposed sign itself showing colour, size (maximum size 3m2), wording and size of letters
  • Photos of the proposed site(s) with exact site marked
  • Indication of any lighting or animated features

Assessment of effects

Effects of the sign on Road Safety

You will need to show that the sign will not unnecessarily distract drivers’ attention from the road, thereby ensuring it does not create a traffic hazard


If the sign is not going to be on your own land then you need to submit the landowner’s consent -

Fees and charges

Election Signs: no charge, but the sign must still meet approved criteria.

State Highways

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has set out its requirements for election signs along State Highways.

View the requirements for Electioneering Signs Adjacent to State Highways

Note: A resource consent is still required from Council.


Within the Kaiaua Area the Franklin District Plan still applies. Anybody wanting to erect general election signs more than two months prior to the general election will need to complete an Application for Resource Consent - Form 9.

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