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2015-25 Long Term Plan 

Our 2015-25 long term plan became effective on 1 July 2015. Our 2015 long term plan is our current key strategic planning document that outlines our work programme for the 2015 to 2025 ten year period, with a focus on the first three years.

Our full 2015 long term plan is split into the following two volumes:

Hauraki Long Term Plan - Volume 1 

  • Introduction & Overview
  • Strategic Direction
  • Submission Process and Consultation Outcomes
  • Decision Making Processes
  • Groups of Activities
  • Statutory Reporting
  • Appendices

Hauraki Long Term Plan - Volume 2

  • Financial Statements
  • Funding Statements
  • Rates Remissions Policies
  • Related Documents

Hauraki Long Term Plan 2015-25 cover

Volume 1

View the complete document: 

or view in sections below.

Volume 1 sections

Introduction and Overview (425 KB) PDF document

The Introduction and Overview explains what the 2015-25 Hauraki Long Term Plan is about and what you can expect to see within this document. It also contains an introduction from the Mayor, the Audit Opinion, and gives a brief description of the relationship that this Plan has with other Council documents.

This section includes:

  • Message from the Mayor
  • Audit New Zealand’s Opinion on the 2015-25 Hauraki Long Term Plan
  • What is the Hauraki Long Term Plan?
  • What you can expect to see in this Plan
  • Supporting documentation

Strategic Direction (2.11 MB) PDF document

The Strategic Direction outlines the role and purpose of local government, Council’s mission and customer charter. It includes the Council’s Community Outcomes, which detail Council’s vision for the future of the Hauraki District and explains the link between these outcomes and Council’s strategic documents. The Strategic Direction section also includes the Council’s key strategies and assumptions that have driven Council’s approach for the next ten year period.

This section includes:

  • Purpose and Role of Local Government
  • Council Overview
  • Community Outcomes
  • Financial Strategy 2015-25
  • Infrastructure Strategy 2015-45
  • Financial and General Assumptions

Submission Process and Consultation Outcomes  (96 KB) PDF document

This section outlines the consultation process undertaken for the 2015-25 Hauraki Consultation Document and the outcomes of that consultation; including an overview of the decisions made regarding the Key Community Issues that Council sought feedback on. Those key issues were:

  • Financial Strategy and Infrastructure Strategy
  • Economic Development

This section includes:

  • Submission Process
  • Consultation Outcomes
  • Key Capital Works Projects 2015-25

Decision Making Processes (95 KB) PDF document

This section describes the Councils approach to decision making and consultation; using the Significance and Engagement Policy (a summary of this policy is also provided). An overview of Maori involvement in Council decision making is also included.

This section includes:

  • A summary of the Council’s decision making and consultation approach
  • A summary the Council’s Significance and Engagement Policy
  • Māori involvement in the Council’s decision making

Groups of Activities (1.35 MB) PDF document

This section outlines the ‘activities’ of Council; that is, what Council does (its services) and how Council provides those services. These ten sections provide an overview of what is involved in the provision of Council’s activities and includes plans for the future in terms of level of service, projects and the financial forecast for the next ten years. The performance measures for each activity are also outlined with targets for measuring how effectively Council delivers that activity.

This section includes:

  • Introduction to Groups of Activities 
  • Governance and Leadership 
  • Roading
  • Water Supply
  • Wastewater
  • Stormwater
  • Land Drainage
  • Solid Waste
  • Community Services
  • Community Development
  • Regulatory Services

Statutory Reporting (99 KB) PDF document

This section outlines the Council’s involvement in various Council Controlled Organisations (CCO’s), a summary of the Assessment of Water and Sanitary Services, and a summary of the Waste Management and Minimisation Plan.

This section includes:

  • Council-Controlled Organisations
  • Council Organisations (those exempt from Council-Controlled Organisation reporting requirements)
  • Variations between the Council’s Joint Waste Management and Minimisation Plan and the 2015-25 Hauraki Long Term Plan
  • Variations between the Council’s Assessment of Water and Sanitary Services and the 2015-25 Hauraki Long Term Plan

Appendices (372 KB) PDF document

This section includes general information about the Hauraki District and our Council - your Elected Members, the Council committee structure and management structure. It also includes supporting information to this Plan, including lists of current policies and other plans, bylaws, legislation and Council assets, and a glossary is also included.

This section includes:

  • Appendix 1: Council Committees, Council Controlled Organisations, Council Organisations and Management Team
  • Appendix 2: Our Hauraki
  • Appendix 3: List of Bylaws, Policies, Strategies and Plans
  • Appendix 4: Legislation
  • Appendix 5: List of Council’s Assets
  • Appendix 6: One Network Roading Classification - Hauraki District Transition Plan
  • Appendix 7: Glossary

Hauraki Long Term Plan - Volume 2 coverVolume 2

View the complete document: 

or view in sections below.

Volume 2 sections

Financial Statements (375 KB) PDF document

This section includes all of Council’s financial statements for 2015-25 that are required under the Local Government Act, 2002, including a full schedule of capital works.

This section includes:

  • Prospective Statement of Financial Position
  • Prospective Statement of Changes in Net Assets/Equity
  • Prospective Statement of Comprehensive Revenue and Expense
  • Prospective Cashflow Statement
  • Prospective Reserve Funds Statement
  • Notes to the Financial Statements
  • Balanced Budget Statement
  • Capital Works Schedule
  • Financial Prudence Benchmarks

Funding Statements (320 KB) PDF document

This section contains the Council’s funding policies, including the Revenue and Financing Policy, and detailed information about rating implications.

This section includes:

  • Revenue and Financing Policy
  • Prospective Funding Impact Statement
  • Funding Impact Statement – Rating Implications
  • Sample Properties
  • Summary of Rating Changes by Rate Type

Rates Remissions Policies  (109 KB)  PDF document

This section includes:

  • Rates Remissions – Natural Disasters and Emergencies
  • Remission of Penalties
  • Remission of Uniform Annual General Charges on Contiguous Rating Units in Separate Ownership, Used Jointly as a Single Entity
  • Postponement of Rates Policy
  • Remission of Excess Water Rates
  • Remission of Water Rates to Particular Rating Units
  • Remission of Rates Assessed in Error
  • Remission of Rates on Multiple Owned Maori Freehold Land
  • Remission of Wastewater Rates Assessed on Educational Establishments
  • Rates Remissions - Rating of Low Value Land Units
  • Rates Remissions – Voluntarily Protected Land
  • Rates Remissions – Community, Sporting and other Organisations
  • Rates Remissions of Multiple Dwellings in One Complex

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