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Hauraki District Council 
Waihi Ward Committee


Crs H T Shepherd (Chairperson), P H Keall, M P McLean, A A Tubman and His Worship the Mayor J P Tregidga

Messrs K D Thompson (District Engineer), D Peddie (Corporate Services Manager), Mr J McIver (Community Development Officer), S Clark (Parks & Reserves Manager) and Ms C Black (Council Secretary)


There were no apologies.


There were no late items.


There were no declarations.


NZ Police Acting Sgt. Nigel Sanderson was in attendance to liaise on community policing matters affecting the Waihi area.

Key points:

  • Crime over the school holiday period have been relatively good compared to previous holidays periods
  • Violence and disorder are the general issues identified in Waihi at present - 2 events of problem youths, 4 of drunkenness
  • Most domestic incidences reported involved alcohol
  • Community patrols are going well
  • Community Constable is very effective in the community and around the CBD
  • A vehicle is now available for community patrollers
  • Blue Light is going well
  • Sport n Action is providing events for our youths in the community
  • There have been a number of problem youths moved elsewhere with other family members
    The establishment of the Waihi Community Youth Trust has definitely helped in reducing the number of youths hanging around the streets
  • In response to a question as regards to gang activity in the town, Sgt. Sanderson advised that there are minimal issues with gang related activity of late.
  • Cr McLean raised issue of damage to trees in the Gilmour Reserve – police advised they were unaware of this issue but would investigate
  • Community Constable Harley is working with youths found tagging – they are assisting with painting over graffiti




THAT the minutes of the meeting of the Waihi Ward Committee held on Tuesday 9 June 2015 are confirmed and are a true and correct record.

WWC15/34 Tubman/McLean CARRIED

Waihi Ward Reflections Page - Waihi Discretionary Fund

A discussion was held regarding the funding towards the continuation of Councils Ward Reflections page in the Waihi Leader.


THAT the Waihi Ward Discretionary Fund be reinstated to its former level of funding, and

THAT the Waihi Leader page be considered for funding during the 2016/17 Annual Plan process.

WWC15/35 Tubman/Tregidga CARRIED


COMMUNITY SERVICES MONTHLY REPORT – JUNE 2015 (1382015 (114 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document1375714, 1376656, 1377297, 1375705, 1384305, 1384306, 1381118 and 1374982) (3.7 MB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document

The Community Services monthly report on activities and requests for financial assistance for the month of June 2015 are attached for the Committee’s consideration.


THAT the Community Services monthly report for June 2015 be received.


Waihi Sports Centre

The secretary for the society incorporating the tennis and squash clubs writes seeking financial assistance for their water rates.

Currently the outstanding water rates for the centre are $934.24.


THAT a grant of $934.24 is contributed to the Waihi Sports Centres from the Waihi Ward Discretionary Fund in support of payment outstanding water rates.

WWC15/37 Shepherd/McLean CARRIED

Waihi Walkway Inc

The Secretary for the group has requested consideration of funding assistance towards the purchase of spray for their weed management programme.

It was agreed that staff contact the Walkways group to see what quantity of spray they required for their Walkways project and advise them that Council can provide the spray through its Construction and Business Unit.


THAT staff meet with the Waihi Walkway group to discuss what their spray needs are, and

THAT following this meeting, staff sources the required amount of spray through Councils Construction and Maintenance Business Unit.

WWC15/38 Shepherd/Tubman CARRIED

Waihi SPCA

The Centre Manager for the society has written seeking assistance for their de-sexing of cats project. A summary of expenses connected with the project was provided in support of the request.


THAT a grant of $500.00 be contributed from the Waihi Ward Discretionary Fund to the Waihi SPCA for advertising in the Leader.

WWC15/39 Shepherd/Tubman CARRIED

National Army Museum

The Marketing Manager for the National Army Museum has written seeking permission to display the exhibition –"Heartlanders – New Zealanders of the Great War" - within the car park area by the mining bogger at the top of Seddon Street. The exhibition is contained within three (3) large shipping containers.

Ms Bennett advises the proposed date for the exhibition in Waihi is Saturday 24 October 2015.

Staff has viewed the site and find it suitable for the purpose of the exhibition


THAT permission is granted to the National Army Museum to display their mobile exhibition – ‘Heartlanders: New Zealanders of the Great War’ in the Salvation Army Hall car park, and

THAT Council staff advise the Salvation Army of the placement of the mobile exhibition at the location.

WWC15/40 Shepherd/Keall CARRIED


Ward Discretionary Social Fund [CDV-30-31-105]

The Waihi Ward Committee has $5,000 from the 2014/15 term that was not allocated and a further $5,000 for the 2015/16 term making a total of $10,000 for discretionary grants of a social services nature. The following applicant may be considered as an investment for this discretionary social fund.

Waihi Community Youth Trust

The navigator for the Waihi Community Youth Trust has made a submission for funding to the 2015-25 LTP which was declined. They request a total of $18,869.98 need for rent and accommodation related expenses for the year.


THAT the Ward Committee supports overhead costs of the Waihi Community Youth Trust for a further year by granting $5,000 from the Waihi Discretionary Social Fund, and

THAT it be recommended to Council that it fund $15,000 from the District Discretionary Social Fund to the Waihi Community Youth Trust.

WWC15/41 Shepherd/Tubman CARRIED

Thames – Age Concern: Letter of Appreciation (1381118 – Appendix G)

A letter was presented from the Manager/Service Co-ordinator of Age Concern Thames thanking the Ward Committee for its support of financial assistance towards their ‘Steady as you Go’ fall prevention classes.

Nugget Multisport Festival – 09 May 2015 Letter of Appreciation (1374982 – Appendix H)

A letter was presented from the organisers of the Nugget Multisport Festival 2015 thanking Council for its support and sponsorship of the event. Also included is an overview and summary of this year’s event.

Morgan Park Redevelopment Project

Discussion was held regarding the funding for the Sport n Action Committee’s redevelopment of Morgan Park.

Corridor Improvement for the Plan for the Karangahake Gorge (Waihi to Paeroa)

The Mayor and the Ward Committee members voiced their disappointment with the lack of engagement and assistance received from NZTA regarding the corridor improvements concerning the new Waikino community swing bridge car park development.

Morgan Park Netball Courts

The Sport ‘n’ Action Morgan Park Committee has been granted a resource consent for stage one of the redevelopment of Morgan Park. The Committee was unfortunately unsuccessful in their application for funding for this project.

Waihi Cemetery Signage

Staff is currently relocating recently installed signage to inside the Cemetery boundary as required by NZTA. This work has been scheduled for completion in the week of the 6th July.

Victoria Park Skate Bowl and Climbing Tunnel

Climbing Tunnel

Staff advised that they have reviewed the climbing tunnel and found that its design did not comply with current crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) standards as the structure provided numerous opportunities for concealment and entrapment. The preferred option is to remove the structure and that $2,000 be allocated for its removal. Council has included this in year 3 (2017/18) of the HLTP.

Staff suggested that the Ward Committee consider the sealing over of the tunnels and leave the mountain as a climbing structure for children, with the addition of a safe fall zone material such as cushion fall to be installed around the base of the structure.


The skate bowl is in poor condition due to the surface deteriorating over time preventing children being able to use it due to the rough surface. The Ward Committee had previously suggested that if renovation of the skate surface was equivalent or less that the cost of the removal, then renovation was the preferred option. $11,000 has been allowed in Year 1 of HLTP for this.

Staff stated that the renovation of the existing skate bowl located at Victoria Park would be an asset to the park and users. In particular for beginners, young skateboarders or scooter riders that are at the reserve with family.

Staff requested the future of these two assets is determined by the Ward. Staff will seek final prices for the tunnel and the skate bowl and will provide the Ward members with this information at their August meeting. If prices are favourable, both projects may be able to be completed in year one.


THAT the climbing tunnel be filled in and covered in soil, grassed and used as a safe climbing structure and the skate bowl is renovated and resurfaced.

WWC15/42 Shepherd/Tubman CARRIED

Waihi Nugget Multisport Festival

The Chair requested the organisers of the Waihi Nugget Multisport Festival provide the audited accounts that were presented at their AGM to the Ward Committee for the August meeting.

OLDER PERSONS STAKEHOLDER MEETING 23 JUNE 2015 (1381822) (116 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document

A report from the Policy Analyst was presented on the stakeholder meeting concerning older persons in Waihi that was held in Waihi on 23 June 2015.


THAT the report be received.

WWC15/43 Keall/Tubman CARRIED


REQUEST FOR RATES REMISSION POLICY FROM WILKINSON (1384734, 1305804, 1320073, 1371831) (251 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document

The Corporate Services Manager reported on and sought the committee’s consideration to a request for rates remission from a Waihi residents affected by the underground mining.

The Mayor left the meeting at 4.00pm.


THAT the report be received, and

THAT the Waihi Ward Committee supports the staff response to Mr and Mrs Wilkinson, and that it recommends to Council that the rates remission policy remain unchanged.

WWC15/44 Shepherd/Keall CARRIED

Retirement of District Engineer

The Chair on behalf of the Ward Committee conveyed their appreciation for his assistance, invaluable expertise and guidance in working with the Committee over the years in his role and wished him well in his retirement.


The meeting closed at 4.10pm.




H T Shepherd



11 August 2015