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Gambling Policy 2017

Gambling venues

The law requires the Council to have a policy on whether class 4 gambling (that means non-casino gaming venues, or pokies) can operate in our District, and where the venues can be located. We also need to have a policy on whether the New Zealand Racing Board may establish new standalone TABs (not TABs in pubs and clubs) and if so, where they may be located.

Restrictions on gaming machines

We also have the option of stating restrictions on gaming machine numbers at venues and whether gaming venues can relocate within our district. Our policy sets out whether venues are able to establish in our District and where they can be located. We have a limited scope as to what we can regulate in regards to our policy.

New venues

In practice, if a new venue wants to establish a class 4 gaming or racing board venue, it must apply to the Department of Internal Affairs using the appropriate form from its website, and attach a copy of the Council’s consent to operate gaming machines at a venue.

Venue Relocation

Venues may apply to the Council for consent to relocate under extraordinary circumstances. Applications must be made on the approved application form - Application for Relocation of Class 4 Gambling or TAB Venue [PDF, 92 KB] Adobe PDF document

Hauraki District Council's Gambling Policy 2017

The Council’s 2017 Gambling Policy currently has a sinking lid approach, and consent will only be granted in accordance with its policy.

View the Class 4 Gambling Venue and NZ Racing Board Venue Policy 2017 [PDF, 169 KB] Adobe PDF     


Applications to the Hauraki District Council for Class 4 venue consents must be made on the approved application form Application for Class 4 Gambling or TAB Venue Consent [PDF, 91 KB] Adobe PDF document and must provide:

  1. name and contact details for the application;
  2. street address of premises proposed for the Class 4 licence;
  3. the names of management staff;
  4. evidence of police approval for owners and managers of the venue;
  5. a copy of the approved gambling harm minimisation policy, the staff training programme and the applicants host responsibility programme;
  6. evidence of the distance to the nearest residential zone, and all other locations stated in clause 3.4.2 of the Council’s current Class 4 Gambling Venue and NZ Racing Board Venue Policy;
  7. details of lsale and supply of alcohol licence(s) applying to or proposed for the premises.

The Judicial Committee of Council shall consider all applications for Class 4 venue consents received.

The committee shall suspend consideration of, or refuse consent where any part of the application falls outside the venue policy;

Without limiting the Committees right to consider and determine an application for Class 4 venue consent on any relevant issues the Committee shall suspend consideration of a venue consent application if:

  1. any necessary resource consent has not been issued.
  2. the applicant cannot show that the opportunity for people under the age of 18 gaining access to gambling machines is minimal.
  3. it believes the proposed venue is sited inappropriately in distance from the nearest residential zone, educational or religious establishment.

The committee may also suspend consideration of or refuse consent in other circumstances where it considers further information is required.

Application Fees

Application fees will be set by the Hauraki District Council from time to time, and shall include consideration of the cost of processing the application, including any consultation and hearings involved