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WaikatoPlan2The Waikato Plan was adopted by the Waikato partner councils, including the Hauraki District Council, in July 2017. The Plan will be launched in August and the implementation phase will begin soon after. The Waikato Plan supports the integrated future development of the Waikato Region and aims to build economic, social, cultural and environmental wellbeing.

The Plan is built on the following principles:

  • Together we are stronger
  • To succeed as a region, all parts of the Waikato must be as successful as they can be

The Waikato Plan has five priority areas and 10 key actions. The implementation will be overseen by the Waikato Plan leadership Group which is a joint committee of the partner Waikato councils, iwi, the community and business sector and central government agencies.

Visit the Waikato Plan website to view the following documents:

  • The Waikato Plan summary document
  • The full Waikato Plan