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What we do and how we should conduct ourselves

Our Local Governance Statement provides readers with a ‘one stop shop’ of information relating to Council. It is a great place to start if you have any questions regarding how Council works, what elected members do and even information on processes for requests for official information. View our Local Governance Statement [PDF, 2.9 MB] pdf.gif 

Our Code of Conduct provides guidance on the standards of behaviour that are expected from the Mayor and elected members of the Hauraki District Council. View our Code of conduct for Elected Members [PDF, 983 KB] pdf.gif

Minutes & Agendas  

Read about what is being discussed and decided at our Council and Committees meetings. View Minutes & Agendas

Engineering Manual

Our engineering manual sets out the required standards for any engineering work undertaken within the district. View the Engineering Manual [PDF, 1.5 MB] pdf.gif 

Water & Sanitary Services Assessment

We undertake an assessment of our water and sanitary services to determine whether public health will be adequately protected. It includes an assessment on water treatment and supply, wastewater treatment and disposal, stormwater management, cemeteries and public toilets. View our Assessment of Water & Sanitary Services pdf.gif 

District Plan 

The District Plan is the primary document for the management of the effects of land use and development within the Hauraki district.  View the District Plan

Annual Plan 

Our Annual Plan outlines the Council's work programme and budget for the financial year. Annual Plans are produced for the intervening two years between Long Term Plans.  View the Annual Plan

Hauraki Long Term Plan

 The Hauraki Long Term Plan is a 10 year plan setting out the proposed short, medium and longer term priorities and actions of the Council. The LTP is produced every three years. View the Hauraki Long Term Plan

Annual Report 

Our Annual Report for the financial year ended 30 June, outlines our financial performance for the past year. View the Annual Report

Policies, Plans & Strategies  

Our policies, plans and strategies cover a wide range of activities relating to the operation of the Hauraki District Council. View Policies, Plans & Strategies


Bylaws intend to provide laws applicable only to Hauraki district that in general protect the public from nuisance; protect, promote and maintain public health and safety; and minimize the potential for offensive behaviour in public places. View Bylaws


Each year the Council conducts either an annual survey, or a triennial and annual survey combined. Annual surveys are used to measure the satisfaction that resident users have with our services and facilities. View the Surveys

Other Documents