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Tirohia Landfill Resource Consent

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New mining proposals

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Oceana Gold NZ Ltd owns and operates the Martha Open Pit (currently in care and maintenance) and the Favona, Trio, Correnso, Slevin and Project Martha underground mines, along with associated processing and tailings storage facilities – all of which are in Waihi.

There are also mine prospecting and exploration activities being carried out at other locations in the Hauraki District (for example at Wharekirauponga and at Karangahake).

Current Consents, Licenses and Management Plans  

Includes the mining consents and licenses that are approved and currently operational in Waihi. Also available are the key management plans.
View the Current Consents, Licenses, Management Plans 

New mining projects being proposed

Mining company Oceana Gold (New Zealand) Ltd has lodged applications with the Hauraki District Council for future mining development in and around Waihi.

There are two proposed projects:

Waihi North Project: is significant in scale and has 5 main components including – a new underground mine at Wharekirauponga, a new tailings storage facility (TSF3), a new open pit (the Gladstone Open Pit), a rock storage facility (the Northern Rock Stack) and a significant upgrade of the current processing plant. Resource consent applications to allow the Waihi North Project to proceed have been lodged with Hauraki District Council and Waikato Regional Council. Both have reviewed the respective resource consent applications and are now seeking further information from Oceana Gold so the applications can be fully understood and assessed  
Information on the Waihi North Project can be found at: 
View the further information documents:

After receiving advice from Oceana Gold, both the Waikato Regional Council and Hauraki District Council have set the timeframe for receipt of the further information as on, or before, 27 January 2023 [following a request from Oceana Gold, this timeframe has been extended to 31 March 2023]. This timeframe does not preclude Oceana Gold from replying to either/both Council’s at an earlier date if the required information is available earlier.

Martha Open Pit Project: a private plan change request (Proposed Plan Change 6) has been lodged with Hauraki District Council to rezone 47 properties (owned by, or under the control of Oceana Gold) to Martha Mineral Zone in the Hauraki District Plan. All 47 properties are in the vicinity of the existing Martha Pit and the change of zone would still require resource consent to expand the Martha Pit across all, or part, of those properties (as a discretionary activity). Council staff and experts have reviewed the application and are seeking further information from Oceana Gold prior to the Council considering whether or not the application should be ‘accepted’ for processing. Public notification, submissions and a hearing would follow. 

Further information on the proposed projects, in the first instance, should be sought from Oceana Gold in Waihi (, 07 863 8192).

Note: the previously announced proposed Project Quattro and WKP Exploration Tunnel projects have been superseded by the above proposed projects.

Monitoring Data

Information on current mining activity is available on a range of matters including:

  • mine development (including plans updated monthly showing the location of underground workings);
  • filled/unfilled stopes, seismic and rock movement;
  • dewatering and ground settlement;
  • land stability;
  • noise;
  • vibration;
  • social impacts;
  • complaints; and
  • heritage features.

View the Monitoring Reports 

Mining Permits for Exploration

Mining permits for mineral exploration are dealt with by the Ministry of Economic Development and all records relating to current mining permits are held on its website. Visit the Ministry of Economic Development website.

Waihi Community Forum 

The Forum is responsible for administering parts of the Correnso resource consent as described in condition 61 (relating to property purchases). On top of this there are some voluntary arrangements that the Forum administer, including a community grant.

The Waihi Community Forum was set up in 2012 in response to a voluntary policy offered by Newmont in response to the communities requests to respond to the adverse effects of its proposals for mining beneath Waihi East. Since then the policy under which the Forum was established has been revoked and the Forums roles have changed as described above.

For more information about the Forum and its responsibilities please visit their website:

Waihi Hazard Zones

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