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Tirohia Landfill Resource Consent

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This page contains the current mining consents and licences that are currently approved and operational in Waihi. These are up to date and the mining licence contains the amendments made to it as a result of the Favona and Trio mines Variations. As further documents become available they will be added to this page.

Also included are:

  • the key management plans that have been approved by the Council for noise and vibration;
  • the Heritage monitoring plan for the historic structures on Union Hill;
  • key monitoring information on noise, vibration and complaints that for privacy reasons has had the names and addresses removed. View the monitoring reports.

Martha Mining Licence

Martha Mining Licence 32 2388 [PDF, 2.4 MB] Adobe PDF document expired on 16 July 2017. On its expiry it was automatically incorporated into the Council’s Operative District Plan.

Mining Permits for Exploration

Mining permits for mineral exploration are dealt with by the Ministry of Economic Development and all records relating to current mining permits are held on its website.

Visit the Ministry of Economic Development website.

Land Use Consents

 Management Plans

Correnso Consent – Social Impact Management Plan, Social Impact Assessment and Annual Reporting Template

Condition 38 of the Correnso Consent requires that the consent holder produce a Social Impact Management Plan (SIMP) and a Social Impact Assessment (SIA).

The purpose of the SIMP is to provide a framework to identify, assess, monitor, manage and re- assess the social effects on the community of the Correnso Underground Mine in combination with the other Newmont Waihi Gold (NWG) mining projects operating in the Waihi area. The SIMP includes a set of indicators that will monitor the social effects of the mining operations.

A SIA was undertaken to confirm the agreed social impact indicators in the SIMP and provide baseline figures. The data collected in the SIA together with information held by NWG has been included in the SIMP as baseline data for the agreed indicator areas. This is included in the form of an “annual reporting template“ that is appended to the SIMP.

Annually, the consent holder is required to prepare a report for Council on social impact monitoring results in accordance with the requirements of the SIMP (i.e. in terms of the indicator parameters). The annual report will follow the template that forms part of the SIMP.

In this way, data for indicator areas will be built up over time enabling trends to be identified for consideration by the consent holder, the Council and the community. The annual reporting period is the calendar year and the next annual report is to be provided to the Council by the end of January 2016. The annual report is to be made available to the public and will be posted on this website.