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Tirohia Landfill Resource Consent

View information about this application.

New mining proposals

OceanaGold presents proposal to extend mining life in Waihi to 2037 and beyond

OceanaGold (NZ) lodged resource consent applications with Hauraki District Council and Waikato Regional Council for further mine development in Waihi.

The resource consent applications to the Hauraki District Council are to authorise all land use activities associated with construction, operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of the proposed Project Martha and for a subdivision consent of Company land to accommodate the re-alignment of Bulltown/Cambridge Roads. The project includes work to stabilise the north wall of the open Martha Pit and to re-instate the pit haul road to allow access to the bottom of the pit for mining. New underground mining is proposed beneath the pit and also within the Rex vein which is situated under a reserve/residential area from the rugby clubrooms to the Mueller and Kenny Street intersection.

The resource consent applications to the Waikato Regional Council are to authorise specific aspects of land use (removal of vegetation, earthworks to construct noise bunds, backfilling land in the Martha Underground Mine) and to permit the taking, diversion and discharge of ground and surface water associated with construction, operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of the proposed Project Martha.

Project Martha – Decisions on Resource Consent Applications to HDC and WRC

The Notice of Decision letter advising submitters of the decisions on the applications

The Decisions report of the Project Martha Hearings Panel and the associated resource consent conditions were released on 14 December 2018. Subsequent to this, a small number of minor mistakes or defects were identified in the Hauraki District Council land use consent (including in Schedule One - Common Conditions) and several of the resource consents issued by the Waikato Regional Council. Reports were prepared and subsequently approved, under s133A of the Resource Management Act 1991, to correct these minor mistakes/defects.

View the reports:

The HDC resource consent conditions below(including those in Schedule One - Common Conditions) have been amended to correct the minor mistakes and defects.

Project Martha – Appeal Information

Upon the release of decisions on Project Martha all submitters were advised in writing of their appeal rights - via the Notice of Decisions letter sent on 14 December 2018.  By the close of the appeal period (on 1 February 2019) no appeals against the decisions of Hauraki District Council or the Waikato Regional Council had been received.

Planners Reports – Prepared pursuant to Section 42A of the Resource Management Act.

The two planning reports (Hauraki District Council and Waikato Regional Council) prepared under Section 42A of the Resource Management Act 1991 for consideration at the Hearing for the Project Martha applications were required by 19 October 2018.

Hauraki District Council [PDF, 8 MB] pdf.gif

Waikato Regional Council 

Commissioners Questions to Councils and Applicant

The independent Commissioners have requested that the Councils and the Applicant respond to questions they have arising from their consideration of the Section 42A reports and the Applicant's technical evidence. The responses to the questions will be posted here in due course.

Commissioner questions to HDC [PDF, 439 KB] pdf.gif

Commissioner questions to WRC [PDF, 394 KB] pdf.gif

Commissioner questions to the Applicant [PDF, 743 KB] pdf.gif

Applicant's Expert Evidence

The Applicant was required to submit its expert evidence by 29 October 2018. Evidence received was:

Submitters' Evidence and Statements

Submitters were requested to submit expert evidence and statements by 5 November 2018. Statements and evidence received were:

Submitter 7 - F & S Cumming [PDF, 58 KB] pdf.gif

Submitter 39 – L Lapwood [PDF, 103 KB] pdf.gif

Submitter 70 – M Coleman [PDF, 26 KB] pdf.gif

Submitter 73 T A & J Taylor [PDF, 28 KB] pdf.gif

Submitter 137 M G Hutchins [PDF, 22 KB] pdf.gif

Submitter 200 Fish & Game Auckland/Waikato

Submitter 206 E Schmidt [PDF, 4 MB] pdf.gif

Submitter 217 Waihi Community Forum [PDF, 397 KB] pdf.gif

Submitter 218 New Zealand Transport Agency 

Submitter 223 K Stevens [PDF, 59 KB] pdf.gif

Submitter 235 N Fisher [PDF, 54 KB] pdf.gif

Submitter 243 F Harley [PDF, 246 KB] pdf.gif

Evidence & Statements presented at the Project Martha Hearing

Hearing Day 1 Monday 12 November 2018 - Applicants Evidence

Applicant - Legal Submission [PDF, 2.9 MB] pdf.gif

K Watson - further statement [PDF, 601 KB] pdf.gif

Sioban Hartwell - WRC Consent [PDF, 3 MB] pdf.gif

Sioban Hartwell - Hearing Figures [PDF, 1.1 MB] pdf.gif

Ian Boothroyd - Summary - WRC consents [PDF, 368 KB] pdf.gif

Ian Boothroyd - Jowett site referenced [PDF, 1.2 MB] pdf.gif

Chris Simpson - Key evidence summary - WRC consents [PDF, 91 KB] pdf.gif

Michael Sandy - Summary [PDF, 504 KB] pdf.gif

Kit Wilson - Summary [PDF, 149 KB] pdf.gif

Donna Fisher - Blast Notice Map [PDF, 2.4 MB] pdf.gif

Annual Consultation Report - Ngati Tamaera 2017-18 [PDF, 533 KB] pdf.gif

Archaeological Find SoP [PDF, 324 KB] pdf.gif

Hearing Day 2 Tuesday 13 November 2018 - Applicants Evidence continued

Prue Harwood - Figures for Hearing WRC consent [PDF, 756 KB] pdf.gif

Prue Harwood - Response to Mr Lapwood's questions [PDF, 98 KB] pdf.gif

Ian Carlisle - NZTA Safe Roads upgrade design for Crean Road [PDF, 1.8 MB] pdf.gif

Ian Carlisle - Draft transportation conditions [PDF, 217 KB] pdf.gif

John Heilig - summary evidence [PDF, 613 KB] pdf.gif

John Heilig - Blast Contour attachment [PDF, 1.4 MB] pdf.gif

Turner - Geotech conditions [PDF, 755 KB] pdf.gif

Proposed land use conditions [PDF, 4.4 MB] pdf.gif

Proposed subdivision consent conditions [PDF, 1.1 MB] pdf.gif

Water discharge and sampling map [PDF, 683 KB] pdf.gif

WRC 124859.01.02 proposed  conditions [PDF, 89 KB] pdf.gif

WRC 139551.01.01 proposed conditions [PDF, 277 KB] pdf.gif

WRC 13955L.O2.01 proposed conditions [PDF, 192 KB] pdf.gif

WRC 139551.03.01 proposed conditions [PDF, 203 KB] pdf.gif

WRC 139551.04.01 proposed conditions [PDF, 227 KB] pdf.gif

WRC 139551.05.01 proposed conditions [PDF, 258 KB] pdf.gif

WRC 139551.06.01 proposed conditions [PDF, 450 KB] pdf.gif

WRC 139551.07.01 proposed conditions [PDF, 159 KB] pdf.gif

WRC 139551.08.01 proposed conditions [PDF, 4.4 MB] pdf.gif

WRC 139551.09.01 proposed conditions [PDF, 1.1 MB] pdf.gif

WRC 139551.10.01 proposed conditions [PDF, 273 KB] pdf.gif

WRC 139551.11.01 proposed conditions [PDF, 130 KB] pdf.gif

WRC 139551.72.01 proposed conditions [PDF, 230 KB] pdf.gif

Hearing Day 3 Thursday 15 November 2018 - Submitters evidence and statements

Submitter evidence - Dr Adam Daniel - Fish & Game [PDF, 714 KB] pdf.gif

Submitter evidence - Anna Sintenie - Summary Fish & Game [PDF, 45 KB] pdf.gif

Item 26 Adam Daniel - Fish & Game - response to Commissioner question [PDF, 377 KB] pdf.gif

Submitter evidence - Rebecca Stirnemann - Forest & Bird [PDF, 152 KB] pdf.gif

Submitter statement - Samantha Muir [PDF, 13 KB] pdf.gif

Submitter statement - Robert Theron [PDF, 156 KB] pdf.gif

Submitter statement - Malcolm Coleman [PDF, 49 KB] pdf.gif

Submitter statement - Michael Moskal [PDF, 38 KB] pdf.gif

Submitter statement - Lance Lapwood [PDF, 427 KB] pdf.gif

Submitter document - Heritage New Zealand Puhere Taonga Legal Submission [PDF, 195 KB] pdf.gif

Submitter evidence - NZTA Joy Morse summary [PDF, 217 KB] pdf.gif

Submitter statement - NZTA Joy Morse - Tabled documents [PDF, 1.8 MB] pdf.gif

Submitter - NZTA Joy Morse response to Commissioner question [PDF, 364 KB] pdf.gif

Submitter - NZTA R Swears Intersection Diagrams [PDF, 1.1 MB] pdf.gif

Submitter statement - Glenis Gentil Gold FM [PDF, 52 KB] pdf.gif

Submitter statement - Pauline Clarkin Te kupenga o Ngati Hako [PDF, 77 KB] pdf.gif

Hearing Day 4 - Monday 19 November 2018 - Waikato Regional Council 

WRC evidence - S Roa - Planner [PDF, 1.2 MB] pdf.gif

WRC evidence - Dr Jonathon Caldwell [PDF, 50 KB] pdf.gif

WRC evidence - Dr Ngaire Phillips [PDF, 1.7 MB] pdf.gif

WRC - WRC Consents & Conditions [PDF, 5 MB] pdf.gif

Hearing Day 4 part 2 - Monday 19 November 2018 - Hauraki District Council

HDC Evidence - Martha Mine - Issues for Opening Legal Submissions [PDF, 293 KB] pdf.gif

HDC Evidence - Dave Burton - Planner [PDF, 363 KB] pdf.gif

HDC Evidence - Project Martha HDC Land Use Consent Conditions [PDF, 1.6 MB] pdf.gif [PDF, 324 KB]

HDC Evidence - Conditions - Project Martha Subdivision Consent [PDF, 324 KB] pdf.gif

HDC Evidence - Transportation - Lukas de Haast [PDF, 3 MB] pdf.gif

HDC Evidence - Geotechnical and ground water - Fuller [PDF, 870 KB] pdf.gif

HDC Evidence - McKenzie Vibration [PDF, 401 KB] pdf.gif

HDC Evidence - Project Martha Noise - Nigel Lloyd [PDF, 72 KB] pdf.gif

Hearing Day 5 – Tuesday 20 November 2018 – Applicant Right of Reply

Applicant - Right of Reply [PDF, 152 KB] pdf.gif

Appendix A - Conditions of Land use & Subdivision [PDF, 4.6 MB] pdf.gif

Appendix B - Water abstraction - effect on flow [PDF, 90 KB] pdf.gif

Appendix C - Bridge to Bridge Riparian Planting [PDF, 967 KB] pdf.gif

Appendix D - Pit Lake eel passage [PDF, 74 KB] pdf.gif

Appendix E - Response to Air Discharge submission [PDF, 684 KB] pdf.gif

Appendix F - Engineering report - Pumphouse vibration [PDF, 19 KB] pdf.gif

Appendix G - John Heilig response re GoldFM [PDF, 505 KB] pdf.gif

Appendix H - Extent of Milking Cow Caving Zone [PDF, 463 KB] pdf.gif

Appendix I - Cambridge Road Diversion [PDF, 21 KB] pdf.gif

Appendix J - Cultural Balance Conditions [PDF, 13 KB] pdf.gif


Consent applications and supporting reports lodged for further mining in Waihi

Project Martha - Notification and Submission details

Submissions to these applications closed at 5.00pm on Friday 14 September.

Applications and Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE)

Covering Application Letter [PDF, 327 KB] pdf.gif

Application for Resource Consent and Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE) [PDF, 5.4 MB] pdf.gif

Form 9 (Land Use & Subdivision) [PDF, 251 KB] pdf.gif

Requests for Further information

HDC - Further Information Requested [PDF, 432 KB] pdf.gif

HDC - Further Information Request - clarification [PDF, 109 KB] pdf.gif

HDC - Further Information Request 2 [PDF, 166 KB] pdf.gif

HDC - Further Information Request 3 [PDF, 244 KB] pdf.gif

WRC - Further Information Requested 1 [PDF, 1.7 MB] pdf.gif

WRC - Further Information Requested -  1A [PDF, 184 KB] pdf.gif

Technical Reports

Please note the large file sizes of many of the documents below. These PDF files may take a while to download depending on your internet connection. Documents above 10MB have been separated into smaller parts where indicated. If you have difficulty downloading large documents you may prefer to view hard copies which will be available in the Paeroa and Waihi Council offices and libraries once the applications are notified.

Appendices A – Y