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The changes to the affected streets have been explained below.

Waihi renumbering map

Click on the image of the map for a larger view (PDF)

Toomey Street - Kensington Road

Remove Toomey Street entrance from Perry Palm Avenue (SH2) and replace this section with Kensington Road. Kensington Road renumbering to begin from SH2 end.

The start of Toomey Street is now off Kensington Road.

The SH2 end of Toomey Street is really the start of Kensington Road. The rest of Toomey Street is around a corner. The rest of Kensington Road is proposed to be renumbered.

The rest of Toomey Street would not need renumbering as the numbers begin at the other end. 
The numbers on one side of Kensington Road are also considerably out of alignment to the other side.  

Victoria Street opposite Rocket Park

A small section of Victoria Street alongside Rocket Park gets renamed – residents will be consulted on ‘Park Lane’ as possible name.

Victoria Street begins and is numbered from Kenny Street heading in direction of Ohinemuri River (as it is currently, no renumbering of Victoria Street is required).

This section of road is blocked off from the rest of Victoria Street and is numbered in an irregular manner.

Parry Palm Avenue – Seddon Avenue – Seddon Street

Remove the name Seddon Avenue completely.

From Mangatoetoe Stream: rename entire road heading towards Paeroa (SH2) as Parry Palm Avenue.

From Mangatoetoe Stream: name entire road Seddon Street up past Gilmour Street.

Numbering for both will begin from Mangatoetoe Stream. Seddon Street will be renumbered to School Lane only, past that point the numbering will stay the same.

This section of road has three names and three sets of numbering. Two of the names are also very similar. Renumbering from the stream removes the need to renumber all the businesses on the main street.

Wrigley Street

Wrigley Street to be renumbered beginning at the SH2 end.

This road has probably the worst numbering in Waihi. On the left it should be something like 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. Currently it is 2, 3, 5, 11A, 11, 7, 9.

Bradford Street– Roberts Street

Remove Quarry Road.

Extend Roberts Street to Silverton Road, encompassing Quarry Road. Renumber Roberts Street starting at the Silverton Road end.

Renumber Bradford Street starting at the Silverton Road end.

There are two lanes to be named at the end of Bradford Street. They are to the north and south of the lane extending directly from the end of Bradford Street. They will be named Colesburg Lane and Grenadier Lane.

The lane that extends directly from Bradford Street will be renumbered to allow for it become a part of Bradford Street as a full legal road if required in the future.

Bradford and Roberts Streets have very large lots and no provision for infill. They also begin numbering from the end rather than the start. Roberts Street also has properties currently numbered in the ‘60s’ next to number 1.

Johnston Street – Consols Street

Start Consols St at Rosemont Rd (which removes some of Johnston Street) and is renumbered starting with small numbers at Rosemont Road end.

Johnston Street is renumbered between Rosemont Road and Gilmour Street – starting with small numbers at Rosemont Road end.

Currently Consols Street is numbered from the edge of town. When it crosses Silverton Road it becomes Johnston Street and the numbers begin again. Consols Street has significant numbering issues due to infill.

Rosemont Road

From new Johnson Street/Consols Street intersection, rename the part of Rosemont Road that heads towards Ohinemuri River to Montrose Road.

Leave existing Rosemont Road numbers as they are currently.

There is no access from the SH2 part of Rosemont Road to the rest of Rosemont Road. Also the numbers on one side of the road are considerably out of alignment to the other side.

Union Street

Rename Union Street, from intersection with Tauranga Road (SH2) towards Quarry Road, to Amaranth Street (a mining reef close to the Union mining reef).

Renumber Union Street between Tauranga Road (SH2) and Clarke Street. Start low numbers at SH2 end.

Create a new lane for the properties in the old council depot subdivision and call this Phillips Lane (Phillips was Waihi’s first Mayor).

This road has a large amount of infill and will likely have more in the future. The numbering in the old council depot particularly does not meet LINZ guidelines.

Kenny Street – Barry Road – Walmsley Road – Oldfield Road

Rename the parts of SH25 currently named Barry Road, Walmsley Road, and Oldfield Road.

Kenny Street will still start at Parry Palm Avenue (SH2) and continue right to the edge of town. 

Upper Walmsley Road becomes just Walmsley Road and numbers start at the intersection with SH25. 

Oldfield Road becomes part of Waihi Whangamata Road (SH25).

This section of road has four names and four sets of numbering. Oldfield Road uses rural numbering based on the distance from SH2 (Tauranga Road) / SH25 intersection.

Barry Road

Barry Road will now start from the eastern side of SH25. Renumbering is needed.

Part of Barry Road leading into the mine will be stopped or will need renaming.

The portion of Barry Road on the State Highway from Kenny Street to Walmsley Road will be renamed Kenny Street and the current Kenny Street numbering will be extended

This road is really three different roads. Two roads that come off the State Highway at different points, and the section of State Highway between the starts of the two roads.