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Building Consents

By law, the period from Tuesday 20 December 2022 to Tuesday 10 January 2023 is excluded from the 20 working day processing period (statutory processing clock) for building or resource consents applications.

This means applications received after the ‘clock has stopped’ on Monday 19 December 2022, may not be processed until  Wednesday 11 January 2023.

Current applications that are not signed off by Council before Monday 19 December 2022 may also be paused until Wednesday 11 January 2023.

There are a few things you can do to plan for delays:

  • When submitting new applications make sure you’ve included everything as we can’t accept incomplete applications.
  • Book a free appointment with our Duty Planner and Building Officer as soon as possible.
  • If your application is affected by the statutory shutdown period, let your agent or builders know to expect a delay.
Buildings inspections

There will be no building inspections from 12pm, Friday 23 December 2022 until Monday 9 January 2023.


This section relates to how to apply for a building consent, and related certificates and approvals. There is a link to the resource consent section at the bottom of the page.

Hauraki District Council is a member of the Waikato Building Consent Group, a cluster of Councils who work together to bring consistency to the Building Consent process.

All building projects are required to comply with the District Plan. For more details please refer to the information sheet - Your Building Consent Application and the District Plan [PDF, 80 KB] PDF document.

Build Waikato 

The group website is for anyone in the building industry or involved in a building project, large or small. Go to the Build Waikato website for all your building information including:

  • Information brochuresBuild Waikato logo
  • Guides for homeowners
  • Restricted building work information
  • Helpful building links
  • and much more
AlphaOne Online Building Consent System

HDC now uses an online system called AlphaOne, developed by a New Zealand-based company that already supplies several other councils. This means you can now:

  • apply for a building consent anywhere, anytimeAlphaOne
  • track your consent progress online
  • submit further information online
  • receive all correspondence digitally

A faster and simpler process!

Consents lodged before October 2020

They will continue to be processed using our previous system. This means you won’t be able to see them in the AlphaOne customer portal. It also means if you have a consent that was lodged before October 2020 you’ll need to keep sending information to us in the standard way using our email address

We have prepared a list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and a series of helpful video tutorials (see New to Online Consents below) to help you get started with AlphaOne.


New building consent exemptions

From 31 August buildings up to 30 square metres won’t need consents.

Since the Government added more exemptions to the Building Act, single storey, detached buildings up to 30 square metres won’t need a building consent.

The changes don’t apply to extensions to your existing home or buildings with plumbing and you’ll still need to comply with the NZ Building Code.

View more about the new building consent exemptions


The Building Consent Process

Stage 1 - Planning your project

  • Set your budget.
  • Understand responsibilities of owner, designer and builder.
  • Choose your designer.
  • Understand your land - get a PIM (optional).
  • Choose your builder and tradespeople.

Stage 2 - Apply for a Building Consent

  • Gather all the documentation needed for the Building Consent (BC).
  • Check plans and specifications are complete.
  • Complete the BC application form (Form 2).
  • Submit application and documentation.
  • Apply for a Resource Consent (if needed).

Stage 3 - Process Building Consent 

  • Application allocated to Building Officer.
  • Specialist advice is sought if necessary.
  • Officer assesses compliance of application and documentation.
  • Officer requests further information if necessary.
  • Officer decides if a BC can be granted and issued.
  • Once you have received your approved BC you may begin your build.

Stage 4 - Construction and Inspection 

  • Carry out preconstruction checks.
  • Construction talks:
    • Know required inspections.
    • Build according to Building Consent.
    • Get any amendments/variations approved before making changes.
  • Book inspections.
  • Complete the build and collect all required documents.

Stage 5 - Apply for Certification

  • Check work completed.
  • Understand Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) timeframes.
  • Apply for a CCC when ALL of the work relating to the BC has been completed.
  • Complete the CCC application for (Form 6), submit this with all the documentation required for your BC.
  • Pay any outstanding fees, including development contributions.
  • Address and requests for further information.
  • Officer makes CCC decision.

Stage 6 - Maintenance and Protection of Investment

  • Ensure building is properly maintained according to information provided by contractors.
  • Inform builder of any problems within 12 months after completion of build.
  • If your building has any Specified Systems, ongoing safety monitoring, repair and maintenance is carried out and annual BWOF provided to council.

Other Important Information


Building frameworkLicensed Building Practitioner Notification

Before restricted building work commences under a building consent, the owner must give the council written notice of the name of every licensed building practitioner (LBP) who is engaged to carry out or supervise the restricted building work under the building consent and has not already been stated in the building consent application.

If you have already submitted your BCapplication via AlphaOne please add your LBP via the AlphaOne portal. Otherwise please complete the following online form.


Book or cancel a building inspection

Your building consent will list all the inspections required, but additional inspections are often needed, due to:

  • the nature of the project (every building consent application is different so the type and number of inspections will vary)
  • change of products or design after the consent is issued
  • failing an inspection and needing to re-book at additional cost
  • the inspection exceeding the allocated time of 45 minutes.

Phone 07 862 8609 or 0800 734 834 (from within the district) or email. Please have the following information available for confirmation:

  • address for inspection
  • building consent number (this is a unique number given to each building consent)
  • name and license number of the Licenced Building Practitioner (LBP) if the inspection includes Restricted Building Work (RBW)
  • type of inspection you need
  • name and contact number of person who will be on site

Code Compliance Certificates

The Code Compliance Certificate confirms that the completed building work has been built in accordance with the approved Building Consent documents and complies with the Building Code. 

An owner must apply to a building consent authority for a code compliance certificate after all of the approved building work is completed.

If you have already submitted your BC application via AlphaOne please apply for your CCC in the same manner. Otherwise please refer to the Build Waikato website.

Building warrants of fitness and IQPs

A building warrant of fitness (BWoF) is a building owner’s annual statement confirming the specified systems in the compliance schedule for their building have been maintained and checked for the previous 12 months, in accordance with the compliance schedule. To find out more about BWoF process go to

Building owners are required to engage IQPs who will undertake the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures for the BWoF process. See more about IQPs.