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What is an Independent Qualified Person (IQP)?

An Independent Qualified Person is a person (or firm) approved by a Territorial Authority as qualified to inspect, maintain and report on certain specified systems. ‘Independent’ means that the person has no financial interest in the building. Refer to the MBIE website (building warrant of fitness guide) for the BWOF process including:

  • The inspections and maintenance of specified systems
  • Amendments to a compliance schedule
IQP responsibilities

The IQP is responsible for carrying out the specified system procedures for:

  • Inspections and tests
  • Preventative maintenance and repair work
  • Reporting inspection, maintenance, and repair work were undertaken to ensure the systems remain in working order. This includes the date,  and the work carried out, the names of the persons who did the work.
  • Providing the owner with a completed Form 12A (before the BWOF due date) as evidence that the relevant requirements of the compliance schedule have been met.

For more information regarding builder and designer rights and obligations see the MBIE website.

View or join the IQP register

All Independent Qualified Persons are required to be registered. For further information please visit: