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Frequently asked questions and answers

Changes to Council services and operations due to COVID-19 Alert Level 4

Council Services and Office hours

Where can I go for updated council information?

View an updated list of changes to our services and facilities, or sign up to our Facebook page for updates

Can I still come into a Council office?

Our Ngatea and Waihi service centres are closed. Our Paeroa office will be open for emergency access only, e.g. you have a water leak and you have no other way of contacting us. Doors will be closed. Please press the buzzer on the outside of the door for assistance.

Justice of the Peace appointments

These appointments are normally held in our Ngatea and Waihi offices – these service centres are closed so no availability for Justice of the Peace sessions. For emergency JP assistance, go to the Royal Federation of NZ Justices Associations website to find a Justice of the Peace near you.

Waihi Ward drop in sessions

These are cancelled during Level 4 Alert. You are encouraged to contact your Ward Councillors directly if you have an issue to discuss. View Councillor contact details


Do I have to register my new puppy during this time?

If you have a puppy over two months old, it would usually need to be registered but we will put registrations on hold for four weeks. We would still like to hear from you so we can add your puppy to our database in the meantime. We will reassess if the Level 4 period goes beyond 4 weeks.

What do I do about a barking or wandering dog?

Please ring us to let us know, or lodge a service request. We will attempt to resolve barking dog issues over the phone, if we can establish the owner or property address. We will not be responding to wandering dogs unless the dog is displaying dangerous behaviour. We will respond to life threatening situations such as a dog attack.


What happens to my Hall booking?

All our Memorial Halls and Community Halls are closed. If you have already paid for your booking, please call us to arrange a credit, or a deferment to another date once the Level 4 Alert is lifted.

Kerbside rubbish and recycling collections

bags in bins

What are the changes to the rubbish and recycling collections? 
  • Household rubbish will be collected fortnightly, along with your recycling - starting next week (30 March), your rubbish collection will be on your normal recycling week.
  • Everything in your wheelie bin must be bagged. Put your rubbish and recycling (excluding glass) in an official yellow bag, and put it inside your wheelie bin. If anyone in your household is sick (with Covid19, or anything else), double bag your rubbish. The inside bag can be any bag, and the outside one should be an official Council bag
  • Glass recycling bins will not be emptied due to the risk of spreading the virus.  
  • During these extraordinary circumstances, everything (recycling included) will be sent to landfill to protect the health and wellbeing of our communities, staff and contractors
  • Put your wheelie bin (with bagged rubbish inside) out on the kerbside by 7:30am on your collection day
  • If it's not in a wheelie bin it won't be collected.
  • Bagging the rubbish inside your bin is about stopping contact - so you don't have to touch it, and neither do our staff or contractors. Wheelie bins are picked up and emptied by a hydraulic arm.
  • Keeping our towns clean is everyone's responsibility. If your rubbish is knocked over or spilled on the street, you will need to pick it up yourself as our contractors can't collect it.
  • You can continue to buy bags at supermarkets.
Can I still take my garden and household rubbish to the refuse station?
  • Only Paeroa Refuse Transfer Station can accept green waste and scrap metal during Level 3
  • See schedule of opening hours for Paeroa Refuse Station and Level 3 protocols here.
  • Waihi Transfer Station has a skip bin for yellow council bagged waste and recycling available every Thursday from 12:30-4pm.


Where can I return my library books?
  • Please do not return items to our after-hours bins. Hold onto your library books until the library re-opens.
  • You will not be charged overdue fees while the library is closed (please disregard any automatic emails you may receive regarding overdue items)
  • If you requested items before we closed, we will hold these for you and you can pick these up when we re-open.
How can I renew my library book?

You can phone us and we will be able to renew your book or you can go to our library website to renew it. Most library books have automatically been checked out now till the 30 June.

How can I access e-books?

If you are already a library member there are many books and other resources, you and your family can enjoy online. Visit our Hauraki Libraries website for updates about our libraries and online services.

Noise Complaints

What do I do if my neighbour is making excessive noise?

Let us know. We will attempt to resolve excessive noise complaints by phone if we can identify where it is coming from.

Parks, Reserves, Hauraki Rail Trail

Can I take my kids to the park?

Yes, but our playground equipment is off limits for playing on.  This is because COVID-19 is known to stay on surfaces for some time.

If using our reserves or parks for exercise and fresh air, please observe the physical distancing rule of 2 metres and only be with the people who you are self-isolating with.

The Hauraki Rail Trail is closed.

Public Toilets

What public toilets are open?

We have limited public toilets open during Level 4. The following toilets are open:

  • Waihi – Haszard Street
  • Whiritoa – Pohutukawa Reserve, corner of Kon Tiki and Fisherman’s Bend Roads
  • Karangahake Reserve
  • Paeroa – Marshall Street
  • Ngatea – Orchard Road West – main street
  • Ngatea – Pioneer Park
  • Turua – Hauraki Road
  • Waitakaruru – State Highway 25
  • Kaiaua – East Coast Road

View for updated information on toilet locations and closures in our district.

Rates payments

How will I be able to pay my rates?

We will not be able to accept over the counter payments during the Level 4 Alert. You can arrange to pay your rates by internet banking or by setting up an automatic payment or direct debit. See our rates payment methods. You will need to print off a direct debit form, fill it in and email it back to us as a PDF attachment to

You can also pay by credit card - Online credit card payments. We no longer accept post-dated cheques.

Internet banking and setting up an automatic payment can be done online with your bank. You will need your property valuation number and account number. Give us a call if you need help with those.

For full instructions on rates payment methods

What else can I use my credit card for online?

You can pay your dog registration (not due till July); land rates and water rates.

Will there be a rates holiday?

If you are going to have difficulty paying your rates or water bills at this difficult time, please contact our Rates Team to talk about our full range of payment options.

If you pay by direct debit - We can offer a rates payment holiday of up to six weeks. This does mean your payments will increase going forward until you catch up. Please contact our team if this will be a help to you and they will arrange it.

If you pay by regular automatic payment - If you are paying regularly by automatic payment (AP) or by regular online banking, please don’t just stop these payments, a payment holiday only works if you contact our rates team.

You can contact our friendly team by phoning 0800 734 834 (from within the district) or 07 862 8609, emailing or by writing to PO Box 17, Paeroa 3640.

Will rates still be increased in the new rating year?

To be confirmed

Will there be a water invoice holiday

To be confirmed.

Paying your water invoice?

The above arrangements are the same.

Regulatory Services

Can I still book a building inspection?

No, under Level lockdown restrictions, we are no longer able to do site visits.

Can I still lodge a building application/resource consent?

We can only accept applications lodged by email so they can be processed electronically.

What happens to the processing times?

At this stage, we have not been advised how the Level 4 Alert will impact on the statutory processing clock. We will do our best to process consents while working remotely. It is realistic to expect possible delays.

Can I still have a pre-lodgement meeting for a building consent or resource consent?

No, but we will be available by phone or email for conversations.

Can I request a LIM?

All LIM’s are a non-essential service. Urgent LIM’s will not be processed during Level 4 Alert. Standard LIMs will only be available if the information is already digitised for staff to access. If the information is unavailable for staff, then the standard LIM application will be processed once we are back to normal. Check with us first. If information is available digitally, email LIM application to with payment advice. Payment can be made by internet banking. Our details are on the application form. Only email links to the report will be provided. No hard copies.

What happens to my Duty Manager certificate/Liquor licence?

This is a non-essential service during Level 4 lockdown. Those already in the system may continue to be processed.

What about my food audit inspection?

We will not be doing any on-site visits during Level 4 Alert.

The same applies for swimming pool inspections and building inspections. All inspections requiring an on-site visit are cancelled.

How can I view or order a property file?
  • Viewing Property Files - Non essential viewing of property files will not be actioned. Should there be an urgent incident and there is a requirement to view information on a property file, phone the customer service team for assistance.
  • Requests for property files supplied on email or USB – these are non-essential services. Only those files already digitised can be supplied during Alert Level 4. Check with us first.

All other requests will have to wait until we are back to normal and staff can access all the required physical files.

Can I still freedom camp in the district?

Only self-contained camper vans that were already parked at one of our sites at 11:59pm, Wednesday 25 March can stay on. Freedom campers should not be moving around, but staying in one place as dictated by the Level 4 Lockdown protocols. If you were not already in our district at the start of the lockdown period, you should stay where you are.

Service Requests

What if I want to report a water leak or roading issue etc?

Although we will only be responding to essential service requests, we do want to hear about everything as we will get to them when Level 4 restrictions allow.

For all URGENT service requests, please phone our 24/7 number 0800 734 834 (in district) or 07 862 8609.

You can log a service request online

Notify us by private message on our Facebook page

Email; Phone 0800 734 834 (within the district) or 07 862 8609