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 There are approximately 4300 dogs living in the Hauraki District, so whether you are a dog owner or not you are likely to encounter a dog in the community at some stage. This page links to information about dogs such as dog registration, responsible owner licensing (ROL), microchipping, complaints, lost dogs, dog exercise areas.

The Hauraki District Policy on the control of dogs endeavours to balance the needs of dogs and their owners, while minimizing any potential danger, distress or nuisance to the community.  The Hauraki District Council Dog Control policy is available on the policies page.

Dog Registration 

All dogs 3 months and older must be registered. 

Credit Card payments now available - The option is now available to pay your Dog Registration online by using a credit card. View payment options.

Find out all you need to know about Dog Registration. 

Dog control report to the Department of Internal Affairs

A requirement of the Dog Control Act 1996 is to provide a report on Dog Control Policy and Practices each year. View the for Dog Control Policy and Practices report 2021/2022 [PDF, 402 KB] pdf.gif.

Dog Owner Categories 

There are four categories of dog owner: General Dog Owner, ROL (Responsible Owner Licence) Dog Owner, Probationary Dog Owner, Disqualified Dog Owner. Find out more about Dog Owner Categories

ROL - Responsible Owner Licence 

The Responsible Owner Licence or ROL has been designed to benefit dog owners who have a good history of dog care and control. Find out how you can obtain a Responsible Owner Licence


A microchip is a form of identification inserted just below your dog's skin and is required by law. Find out more about Microchipping

Exercise Areas / Prohibited Areas  

There are areas within the Hauraki District that have been designated as Dog Exercise Areas. There are also restricted areas and prohibited areas within the district. Find out where the Dog Exercise Areas and Prohibited Areas are. 

Complaints about Dogs

Complaints can be reported to the Hauraki District Council about dangerous dogs, dogs attacking or biting, dogs fouling, ill treatment of dogs, stray or wandering dogs.  Find out more about reporting a dog complaint.  

White Shepherds

Lost, Missing or Impounded Dogs

If your dog has gone missing or has been found roaming it may have been impounded by Council. Find out more about Lost, Missing or Impounded Dogs

Dangerous/Menacing Classified Dogs 

Dogs can be classified as Dangerous if they bite or attack and or act in an aggressive manner towards another animal or human. Dogs can also be classified as menacing due to their behaviour and also some breeds of dogs. Find out more about Dangerous/Menacing Classified Dogs

Dog Adoptions

Occasionally we have abandoned or surrendered animals that would be suitable for adoption. It's our responsibility to see they go to permanent homes where they will be loved and well cared for throughout the rest of their lives.

If you're interested in adopting a pound dog, we'll require you to complete a Pre-Adoption Application form so we can add you to our watchlist. See more about dog adoptions