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Food Premises - Food Act 2014

Existing food premises (applicable March 2016 - March 2019)

Existing food premises registration fees are based on annual assessment and the assessed number of inspections. Each additional inspection may incur an additional charge equivalent to the base fee.


Current Fee 

Food Premises - Non Graded Premises Registration Fee (Fruit Shops) $185.00
Food Premises - Registrations/Grading Fee for A graded premises  $360.00
Food Premises - Registrations/Grading Fee for B graded premises  $420.00
Food Premises - Registrations/Grading Fee for D graded premises   $540.00
Food Premises - Registrations/Grading Fee for E graded premises $650.00
Food Premises - Re-grading Fee $120.00
Food premises operating a Food Control Plan or National Programme

The fees for Food premises operating a Food Control Plan or National Programme under Food Act 2014 are based on actual and reasonable costs associated with the activity which includes registration, verification, compliance and monitoring functions for food premises.

Note: food premises operating under the voluntary implementation programme (VIP) food control plan under the Food Act 2014 will not be required to renew their registration during the transition period but will be required to have an annual verification, inspection and audit, and pay the applicable fees set out in the table below.




Application for registration of food control plan


Application for renewal of a registered food control plan 


Application for registration of an amended food control plan

Non significant amendment of food control plan $100.00
Change in circumstances for a food control plan $100.00
Voluntary suspension of a registered food control plan $160.00
Verification, inspection and audit $160.00 per hour
Revisit following an audit $160.00 per hour
Issue of an improvement notice by a food safety officer No charge
Application and assessment of a National programme $100.00
Application for renewal of a national programme $100.00
Amendment of a registered national programme $100.00
Voluntary suspension of a National programme $100.00
Transfer of Registration - inspection of premises for change of operation or ownership $155.00
Dual Registration Fee (Camping Grounds and Basic Food Stalls) Food Registration Fee (as risk assessed) Additional $110.00
Administration - hourly rate $85.00 per hour

Other Environmental Health Fees

Regulation 7 of the Health (Registration of Premises) Regulations 1966, requires that the fees payable on application for Certificate of Registration and upon the issue, renewal, and noting of such Certificates shall be such as the local authority by resolution decides

Other premises licences requiring a registration certificate


Current Fee

Offensive Trade Licence $250.00
Hairdressers Premises Licence $140.00

Fee for Food Stalls for one off events:   

  • 1 to 9 stalls  
  • 10 or more stalls 



Other premises subject to inspection (not required to hold a registration certificate)


Current Fee

Inspection fee for premises used for one day licence $52.00
Re-assessment Fee $52.00
All other registered premises not elsewhere specified (a fee equal to the base fee) $180.00
Mobile Shops and Hawkers $140.00
Gaming machine class 4 venue consent $150.00
Inspection of any Registered premises on request   $180.00