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Resource consents

The Resource Management Act 1991 allows for an initial deposit to be charged to the applicant. Then if the base fee does not fully cover the actual and reasonable costs of processing the application, the Council will recover those costs with an additional charge. This additional charge is based on the time spent by the processing officers and the time taken to process the application. For subdivisions additional fees are payable once the consent has been granted – for the formal certification required and, if applicable, engineering approvals and inspections.

We recommend that you speak to the duty planner at the Council before you lodge a resource consent application. You can do this by contacting a Council office and make an appointment with the duty planner to discuss your requirements.

Subdivision consent fees

We recommend that you speak to or engage a surveyor to submit an application on your behalf. The following chart is a guide to the process and when fees are payable.



Deposit Fee
Non-notified Subdivisions $1,500.00
Limited Notified Subdivisions $3,000.00
Publicly Notified Subdivisions   $5,000.00
Monitoring - Administration $110.00
Section 221 - Consent Notice  $200.00
Section 221 - Change or cancellation of Consent Notice $400.00
Section 223 - Survey Plan $300.00
Section 226 - Title registration $200.00
Section 222 - Completion $200.00
Section 224 - Title (Not requiring engineering consideration) $500.00
Section 224 - Title (Requiring engineering consideration) $850.00
Land use consent fees

The following process and fee schedule covers minor land use consents to major land use consents. The scale of the consent is determined on application by planning staff. We recommend that you speak to the duty planner at the Council regarding your land use needs before you lodge your application.

LandUseConsents fees

Description Deposit Fee
Non-notified land use $1,200.00
Limited notified land use $3,000.00
Publicly notified land use  $5,000.00
Non-notified land use of a minor nature $850.00
Minor side/rear yard or daylight departure (with neighbour’s approval) $250.00
Monitoring - first inspection $200.00
Monitoring - each additional inspection $200.00
Monitoring administration $110.00
Review of consent conditions Section 128 RMA $500.00
General consent fees
Type  Fee
Planner - hourly rate $130.00
Senior Planner - hourly rate $150.00
District Planner - hourly rate $190.00
Administration - hourly rate $85.00
Engineering - hourly rate At cost
Disbursements - hourly rate At cost
General Consultations - hourly rate At cost
Permitted boundary activity $250.00
Marginal or temporary rule exemption $600
Amendment to consent conditions and amended consent application Deposit Fee
Requiring engineering consideration $850.00
Not requiring engineering consideration $500.00
Application for extensions of time $350.00
Hearing Commissioners Deposit Fee
Independent Hearings Commissioner Cost plus 5%

Independent commissioner for objection hearing

Cost plus 5%

Hearing/Decision (Independent Commissioner) requested by applicant Section 100A of the RMA


Hearing/Decision (Independent Commissioner) requested by applicant Section 100A of the RMA

$250.00 applicant
$250.00 submitter
base fee 

Bond documentation - Minor works bond preparation by Council


Bond documentation - Release of bond documents


Bond or Easement Documentation prepared by Council's solicitors

Designation fees
Description Deposit Fee
Designations - non-notified $1,400.00
Alteration to a designation - non-notified $650.00
Removal of a designation - non-notified  $200.00
Designations of a minor nature - non-notified $650.00
Designations, including alteration and removal - notified $1,800.00
Outline plans $300.00
District Plan Fees
Description Deposit Fee
District Plan change $10,500.00
Certificates of Compliance/Existing Use Right Certificates $800.00
Other planning fees
Type Deposit Fee
Right of way application fee $650.00
Right of way certification fee $350.00
Overseas Investment Certificate $200.00
Resource management planning certificates under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act See alcohol licensing fees
Section 243 – Easement approvals and cancellation – report and certificate $200.00

Land Information Memoranda (LIM)

LIM application Fee

Standard LIM (10 working days)

Urgent LIM (3 working days) $350.00

Development Contributions

Development contributions are required where the effect of a development is to require new or additional assets or assets of increased capacity which require the Council to incur capital expenditure.

You will be advised in writing if any development contributions are payable when your consent is issued.