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Waihi Event CentreSituated:

Haszard St, Waihi


Capacity: 500 persons

Hall Hire Charges:

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General Information:

This Hall is available for use year round. There is a Main Hall with a Sprung Sports Floor (sports markings on floor), Small Hall/Lounge (mezzanine), and Kitchen.

A small number of tables and chairs are provided in the mezzanine lounge. There is bleacher seating provided in the main hall. The large kitchen on the mezzanine floor includes a fridge, stove, large bench space and hot water zip. Crockery/utensils are not provided.

The Events Centre caters predominantly for indoor sporting codes. The main hall floor is marked for sports use, and there are indoor basketball hoops/backboards provided. Because of the specialised floor, there are restrictions on the type of footwear/use. For example, there are weight loading limits on the hall, and spiked heeled shoes cannot be worn.

Floor Plan of the Waihi Event Centre

Ground floor (left) and mezzanine floor (right):

Floor plan of the Waihi Event Centre - ground floor  Floor plan of the Waihi Event Centre - mezzanine floor


Bookings of the Waihi Events Centre is handled by the sports coordinator of Sport 'n Action, a local trust.

For bookings of the centre please contact the trust coordinator, Jo Heath:

  • at the office inside the foyer of the Waihi Events Centre
  • email:
  • mobile 021 223 7295
  • Postal address: C/- Sport 'n' Action, P O Box 138, Waihi

Conditions Of Hire

All persons or organisations wishing to hire this complex must complete and sign an application form acknowledging compliance with the hire conditions.

All persons or organisations wishing to hire this complex must pay a bond as outlined above, prior to use. This bond is refundable subject to condition 6.

1) The hirer will sweep all floors including the fixed seating, wipe down the bench tops and remove all rubbish prior to vacating the facility.

2) The hirer will ensure that all the showers and taps in the facility are turned off prior to vacating the facility.

3) The hirer will ensure all lights and electrical appliances are switched off prior to vacating the facility.

4) The hirer will ensure that all external doors are locked and that the facility is secure after vacating the facility.

5) Keys to the facility must be returned as soon as practicable after use.

6) The user shall notify trust co-ordinator of any damage caused to the facility during the hire period. The bond will be withheld to make good the repairs to the facility.

7) If the cost of the damage exceeds the sum of the bond, the hirer acknowledges Councils right to effect the repairs and the hirer undertakes to meet the full cost of the repairs. If the costs of the repairs are less than the sum of the bond, the remaining balance of the bond will be refunded to the hirer.

8) The hirer will acknowledge that during the hire period, all persons entering the complex to participate or view the hirer's activity are the responsibility of the hirer.

9) The hirer will ensure No Person walks on or participates in an activity on the wooden floor, unless that person is wearing correct non-marking footwear.

10) The hirer will ensure that all clothing and apparel worn and equipment used by people participating in the activity will not mark or damage the wooden floor.

11) The hirer will ensure that all equipment employed by the hirer to facilitate an activity on the wooden floor does not damage the floor or surrounds.

12) The hirer will ensure that no food, drink or other liquids are taken onto the wooden floor.

13) The use of any substance such as "Ball Room" powder in the facility is strictly prohibited.

14) The Waihi Events Centre is a "Smoke Free" facility. It is the hirer's responsibility to ensure that no person smokes inside the premises.

15) The hirer will ensure that any equipment employed to facilitate any activity in the building is operated in a manner that is safe to participants, and spectators alike.

16) Sub letting of the facility is strictly prohibited.

17) The hirer will not affix decorations, materials or signage to the interior or the exterior of the facility unless prior approval has been given.

18) The hirer will ensure the entrance to the centre is kept clear and clean.